Tips for everyday self-improvement 

A long time ago, I saw a famous person in a shop. He was a sportsman, tall, well built, wearing clothes that cost more than my house, and I immediately panned around to look outside and see if I could spot his car. There it was. Looking like a UFO had landed. To this day I don’t know what it was, but I’m guessing it was hand-made from the smelted down golden treasures of a thousand long lost empires. I wanted it. And I hated him for having it. I turned back to cast a glare of “who do you think you are, eh?” only to see that he had chosen a book from the shelf, on art, and was paying for it while chatting to the cashier, a young girl in college. He asked what she was studying, and she happened to reply “art”. He probed further and asked what she liked and didn’t like about her course, giving her advice on different art movements and authors to look up. He was genuinely a nice man, and I couldn’t hate him. And I hated that I couldn’t hate him. But that started something in me … self-improvement is free. Here’s how I do it.

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6 Ways to Create More Room in Your Children’s Bedroom

If you contemplate getting views from different parents on the most significant challenge about their kid’s bedroom, they will state keeping the room organized and creating extra space.

It is normal for kids to create a mess; very few are born natural organizers. With unending supplies of children’s toys, clothing, school supplies, etc., you must maximize the little space available to fit the children’s belongings. 

Here are five ways you can create extra space in your kid’s bedroom. 

1. Use the Space Under the Bed

It is common knowledge that you can store stuff under the bed. However, you must make sure that you don’t throw things haphazardly as this will make it difficult to find items when you need them. 

You can have 1 or 2 huge clear plastic boxes, bags, cubbies, baskets placed under the bed. In the boxes, you can keep extra bedding, seasonal outfits, sporting equipment, and your child’s artwork.

Alternatively, you can opt for beds with drawers to keep the bedroom better organized and create more space.

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Creating the Perfect Garden for Your Kids to Play In

We may still be in the winter months, but now is the best time to start planning your garden. Knowing what you want to achieve with your outdoor space for your little ones’ benefit can be planned now and then implemented as soon as the weather improves and spring approaches! Here are some steps every parent with a garden should consider taking!

Making Your Garden Safe

Of course, the first step you’re going to have to make is ensuring your garden is a safe space for your little ones to spend time in. You need to supervise your children all the time while they are outdoors, but there’s plenty of room for accidents to happen if you aren’t careful when it comes to maintaining the space. Here are a few steps you should keep at the forefront of your priorities.

Securing the Perimeters

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Three Ways to Protect Your Good Health in 2020

We tend to take our fine health for granted in today’s world – so much so that we feel unable to really assess how and why we’re led to illness and poor health – often through our own negligence or ignorance. 

As such, this article aims to inform readers as to the ways in which you can protect your health in a more effective manner in the weeks and months to come, enabling you to understand how to best protect your most valuable asset on this earth. 

Eat, Drink and Exercise Well

There cannot be any real substitute for these three key elements to any one person’s lifestyle. If you’re not eating and drinking well, and you’re not keeping an eye on your fitness, you cannot claim to be doing anywhere near what you have in your power to do to remain healthy. The trick here is to make a routine, and stick to it – and to avoid indulging in damaging habits. 

Health is a lifelong, well-developed part of your routine, and something that you need to try to work on every single week if you’re to live a long, healthy and prosperous life. Without good health, you’ll descend into depression, you’ll be unable to move well, and you’ll gain weight quickly. So, control these three things: your food, your drink, and your exercise. This will keep your health impressive and stable throughout your life. 

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How to Design (And Upkeep) The Perfect Playroom

The perfect playroom is where kids can go and entertain themselves for hours. It is where they can learn to combat their own boredom and alight their imaginations. With the right parenting, it is also how they can learn the responsibility of cleaning after themselves, managing themselves on their own, and work out social norms on their own. Playtime is so crucial for healthy development, and a playroom can be the perfect place to contain their imaginations without worrying about them spilling out into the rest of the house. 

Though their playroom doesn’t have to be complex, it should be well designed and easy to upkeep so that your little youngsters can have fun in a great environment that can easily be converted back into a study once they have grown up. To design such a great, versatile space, all you need is to follow this guide: 

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Great Ways to Start a Business as a Busy Mum

Starting a business can sound like a lot of effort, but if you’re willing to put in some time and dedication, it can work out as a fantastic alternative source of income or a side hustle. However, you need to approach it with the right mindset if you want to actually make money instead of just wasting it on things like a website.

So here are some practical tips on how a busy mum can start a business.

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Wishing for a Good Night’s Sleep

Like many parents with young children, our sleep is still quite disturbed at night due to our youngest. But even when you have babies or toddlers who still don’t sleep through the night, there are still steps you can take to try to get the best sleep that you can at night, despite the circumstances.

Firstly, a good quality bed and mattress is key.  There’s some great options out there from some big bed brands that will make a difference. Bed Guru Mattresses will make a huge difference to your sleep. I have been so glad of our purchase of a king sized bed since our toddler loves to sleep next to us in the bed, and having the king size means that even with our extra interloper we can still fit into the bed with plenty of space to move around and get comfy. A good mattress also helps reduce any aches and pains in the morning, especially for my husband who tends to complain of back aches if he sleeps in a bed without a good quality mattress. If you can’t stretch to a new mattress then even a new mattress topper can sometimes be a big help.

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A Guide to Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is something that every homeowner needs to consider. When you come home each day, you should see your home from the outside and immediately feel happy, welcome and relaxed which is only possible when your property has good curb appeal. Additionally, good curb appeal can impress any visitors or passers-by and make your home much more inviting. There are many effective ways that you can improve the curb appeal of your home and you might even find that these can add value to the property in case you ever think of selling down the line. Read on to find out how you can improve your home’s curb appeal.

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Give Your Child’s Playroom A Personal Touch In 3 Easy Steps

Approximately 61.4 percent of families in the UK live with dependent children as of 2019. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of households with cohabiting couples increased by over a quarter. Because of the presence of children in the family, some households would opt to build a playroom for the benefit of the kids. But sometimes, building a playroom can be overwhelming, both mentally and financially. Thankfully, there are plenty of unique ideas that will inspire you to design your child’s room.

Here’s how to give your child’s playroom a personal touch in 3 easy steps.

Create A Unique Aesthetic Through Laser Design

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4 Free Money Transferring Apps

Transferring money over, either to family, employees or for a personal purchase is very important, and you never know when this is something you would need to make use of. Previously wire transfer was possible via Western Union and similar agencies, but presently we can have the ease and convenience of using the internet or a free money transfer app to transfer money. Let’s take a look at 4 free apps that allow you to transfer money using your mobile phone. 

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