5 Energy Saving Tips for Everyone Should Know

Opening your monthly utility bills can be scary depending on the season. Household bills can quickly add up, especially if you don’t know how to reduce your energy usage. Most homeowners know to turn off the lights when leaving a room or to shut off the faucet while brushing teeth or doing dishes to avoid wasting water. These are good habits to practice, but for even more impact on your energy bill, check out these five energy-saving tips.

1. Make energy-smart choices when doing laundry.

Washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot water comes with several benefits. For instance, cold water is gentler on your clothes and your energy bill. It takes a lot of energy to heat water for multiple loads of laundry. Using cold or lukewarm water greatly reduces your energy usage.

Running the high speed or extended spin cycle on your washing machine will also remove as much moisture as possible from your laundry, requiring less time in the dryer, thus reducing energy usage. And remember, always run a full load of laundry, and adjust the load size setting to reflect small, medium, or large loads. Using the right load size setting ensures you’re not using an excessive amount of water for each load.

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4 Things to Focus on When You Start Planning Your Wedding

The process of planning a wedding is known for being a stressful and overwhelming experience. This is because there are so many factors to consider, expenses to cover, and feelings to consider that someone who doesn’t have actual experience planning major events might struggle to bring their vision of the perfect wedding day to life.

Just because it is difficult at times, though, it doesn’t mean that planning your wedding is impossible. As long as you keep the most essential thing in mind, the happiness that you and your husband-to-be will soon be sharing, then you can even enjoy planning your big day.

To help you get started with the wedding planning process, it can be helpful to break things down based on significance, necessity, and cost. By focusing on the big-ticket items first, you can then choose the particular details that will make the event xpersonal to you and your fiancé. Here are three such things that make for a great starting place when you are starting to plan your wedding.

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Time for a new boiler? Discover 5 signs you should look out for

Boilers. They’re something that we don’t really think about until something goes wrong. And of course, you can almost guarantee that if something is going to go wrong, it’ll happen in the depths of winter, when you need your boiler the most. 

A boiler that isn’t working correctly can cause you a whole host of problems, so it’s important to recognise the signs that you’re probably due a new one. The idea of investing in a new boiler can be daunting, especially financially speaking. So, finding one that is both reliable and efficient is crucial – click here for Viessmann boiler reviews

Need a little more help? Find out if you need a new boiler by keeping an eye out for these 5 signs. 

Strange noises

You might be familiar with that little click, gurgle and the occasional low hum that comes when your boiler kicks into life or when it’s working hard. However, there are some sounds that you certainly shouldn’t be hearing from your boiler. Vibrating sounds, the sound of dripping, loud (noticeable) humming and a whistling sound similar to a kettle – all of these sounds might mean you’re ready for a new boiler. 

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The Benefits of an Outdoor Sprinkler System

How to Design a Sprinkler System 

To design a sprinkler system, you will need to measure the area of your garden that you wish it to cover and plan a scaled-down design on paper. You should check your water pressure (you can use a water gauge for this) and factor this in. Different areas of your garden will most likely require different levels of watering (due to factors such as specific plants and types of soil, and levels of sun or shade), so you should separate your garden into different “Hydrozones” to account for this.

For the sprinkler heads, you can use fixed and/or rotating heads – there are plenty on the market to choose from. The piping can be a difficult part of designing an outdoor sprinkler system – if you have no idea whether using a Red Oxide threaded pipe is the best option, get in touch with the specialists for some great advice.

The Benefits

An outdoor sprinkler system can have many benefits for your garden. Not only can an outdoor sprinkler system provide automatic hydration for your lawn and plants without you having to spend time manually watering them every day, but a sprinkler system can also be fun for your kids to play in when it is hot outside! Just make sure it’s not in a place that can cause accidental injuries though!

Easy Lawn Care

Outdoor sprinkler systems can keep your lawn lush and green whatever the season without you having to water it yourself. If you want to relax and enjoy the summer without having to worry about constantly filling up a watering can, a sprinkler system can ensure that your lawn looks healthy and you can enjoy it with your friends or family! The convenience offered and time saved by a sprinkler system is a real game-changer.

Saving Water 

Using a hose or watering can means that some areas of your garden are over-watered whereas other areas may be completely dry! Unless you spend hours a day watering, it is hard to avoid this. With a well-designed outdoor sprinkler system, you can ensure that each part of your garden (whether your lawn, plants, or flowerbeds) gets exactly the right amount of water. This can save water, which is good for the environment as well as your water bills! 

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Fun And Functional: Tips To Create Child-Friendly Living Spaces

As a parent, you want your kids to feel happy and content at home. Your home should be a haven for all members of your family. If you’ve recently welcomed a new addition, or you have a toddler rushing around, it’s wise to ensure your home is child-friendly and that it works on a practical level. Here are some tips to help you tick the fun and functional boxes. 


When you welcome a bundle of joy into the world, one of the first things you notice is that little people have a lot of stuff. Storage is crucial for family-friendly living spaces, and it can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy and minimising stress at the end of the day. If you invest in storage solutions, it takes a matter of minutes to turn a playroom that resembles a bombsite into a beautiful, neat, clutter-free zone. There are myriad options available, and you can make purchases according to the function and look of the room. In childrens’ bedrooms and playrooms, shelving units, boxes, crates, tubs and systems that have drawers and cubby holes work perfectly. If you’re looking for something chic and stylish for a living room, search for furniture that has hidden storage, for example, tables with pull-out drawers or footstools that have concealed storage under the cushion. You can also create a feature out of open shelving on one wall or hang shelves or wall-mounted units to maximise floor space. 

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/flat-screen-television-1827054/


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4 Best Places to Move In The UK

Moving to a new town, city or country calls for adjustment–even to the shortest of distances. You might have moved on your own volition; you might have finally saved enough for your dream home or you a starting a family with your spouse. Sometimes, the changes come with life’s demands; work demands that you find a flat closer to the office or family duties calls on you to visit your elderlies more often. 

Whatever the case may be, many cities within the United Kingdom not only gleam in beauty but also with promise. Here are some things you can keep in mind before making a final decision:

Do your research: Unlike before, more information is public domain today. We can read up on people’s travels and perspectives on certain places they have lived in, some more articulate than others. Take advantage of this and gather as much insight as you can.

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3 Home Safety Checks You Can Do in Minutes

Amidst the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it’s easy to overlook safety issues in your home. With these three simple checks, however, you can improve your home’s safety quickly and easily. If you’re short on time, don’t panic. These three checks take just minutes to perform and will give you unrivalled peace of mind.

1. Fire Alarms

Having smoke, fire or heat alarms installed in your property is non-negotiable. If you don’t already have them, you can pick them in most supermarkets, online or free via numerous charities. The fire brigade will even pop round and install them for you, if you’re unable to do this yourself. 

Many modern fire alarms last for years but you still need to check them regularly. With a test button situated on the alarm itself, it takes seconds to ensure they’re working. 

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Design A Family-Friendly Bathroom Children Can Use for Home Learning

The average bathroom renovation cost ranges from £1,400 to £6,000 across the UK, according to mybuilder.com. We all escape to the bathroom to enjoy some self-care. If you have young kids, however, the bathroom will be more than a space to relax. Kids bath time creates room for reconnecting with your child and exploring their learning abilities.

Incorporating bath games with Tomy Poppin’ Penguin Island, for instance, assists your child in gaining different skills like color matching, counting, and identifying numbers. Adding kid-friendly design elements in your family bathroom can also help improve your child’s cognitive and coordination skills.

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Things you shouldn’t work from home without! 

We’re all going through an adjustment period. From getting used to having our partners at home all day to homeschooling the kids, not being able to see family and friends and trying to maintain some kind of fitness routine without stepping foot in a gym. Another big adjustment many of us are getting used to, is working from home. If you’re lucky enough to have a job that you can work remotely, then getting yourself set up correctly is imperative. 

As I’m sure you’ll find, maintaining high levels of productivity isn’t always easy at home, simply because we’re not in a traditional working environment, we have little ones and pets running riot and we’re trying to keep ourselves out of the snack cupboard. To make the most of your current working situation you must have everything you need to work from home effectively. 

Read on for 5 things you shouldn’t work from home without!

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