Tips to Encourage Kids to Exercise

Kids are naturally wired to play and stay active, but just like the rest of us, sometimes they need motivation and encouragement. All Physical Exercise teachers and athletic coaches know that making exercise more about play and less about work is key to keeping both kids and adults physically active and healthy. That being said, here are some tips to help encourage habits to the young ones that will last a lifetime. 


Begin by explaining to the kids why exercise is important and that it is not just about moving the body. Emphasize that the best workout is something that you enjoy as you move. In addition, allow them to pick activities or even come up with ideas. 


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5 Ways Puzzles And Puzzle Games Assist Early Childhood Development

A jigsaw puzzle is a classic toy that has been around for many years. Despite the technological advancements in the available toys recently, puzzles remain popular in toy stores today. Do you still recall how satisfying it was to put in that last puzzle piece when you were a kid?

Aside from the good times and enjoyment they bring, puzzles are highly recommended toys in a young child’s early development. As kids stay busy and have fun while piecing out the puzzles together, they learn so many skills as well. This makes puzzles a win for parents. You may also want to have a look at Solitaire Bliss as it is a game meant for both adults and children and is great to increase their focus and concentration, and is a lot of fun.

The following ways will let you discover how beneficial puzzles are in assisting your kids’ early childhood development:

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Tips From A Child Psychologist On School Children Phone Usage

With children taking a break from school this week during half-term and the days getting shorter and darker, many parents may be thinking of giving their kids a mobile phone. Mobile-sim provider Lebara have teamed up with child psychologist Dr. Amanda Gummer, to run you through how your child can use their phone responsibly while helping you and your children stay connected.


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11 Unisex Theme Ideas For A Nursery Room

One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for your baby’s arrival is planning and designing their nursery room. Whether it’s your first time or fifth time preparing a nursery room, the idea of designing it is still something that most parents look forward to. Before, most parents often found themselves getting stuck between creating a pink or a blue nursery room. Thankfully, you can forget all about the pink and blue options as there are so many trendy themes nowadays that are aesthetically better than the gendered decorations. 

For parents out there who wish to leave the gender reveal a surprise until the delivery day, worry no more. You don’t need to let the waiting game spoil the fun of decorating your baby’s nursery room. To begin, check out these eleven unisex theme ideas for your baby’s nursery room and see which one’s your favourite. 

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Reasons Why Your Child Might Not Be Playing with Others

Making friends and developing social skills is an important part of growing up, enabling you to handle social situations with more confidence when you’re older. Some children take to socializing more easily than others, and even as adults, you might have noticed some people are more extroverted than others. As a parent, you want the best for your child, and forming friendships and close bonds with their peers is a part of that. However, sometimes children might struggle with this, and there are a few reasons why this might be happening.

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