Retirement is a beginning not an end

The title of this article may sound a little cliched and sentimental – but the fact is it is delightfully true! In our grand-parents time it was perhaps seen as a marginal part of your life where you are put out to grass. A waiting room for that long anticipated meeting with the head guy while the rest of the world goes about its business.

Wow how things have changed. The news is in: 60 is the new 40!

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Peace of mind for your family’s future.

Lately, we have been thinking about getting all of our affairs in order for our family’s future. It’s easy to live in the moment, especially when you are still young but with four children to support, I feel much better knowing that our family is covered for whatever surprises and circumstances that life could throw at us.

Recently, we got our wills put together, along with lasting power of attorney and guardianship for the children. One of the interesting topics that came up when discussing with the lawyers was about different types of insurance that we have such as life insurance, mortgage insurance, and income protection insurance. These offer you such peace of mind, especially in today’s climate when we have no idea what each year will bring in the job market.

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A few tips to make moving country easier

Whether you have been offered a lucrative job abroad, or just fancy a change for yourself and your family, you may be considering moving to another country. This could be even more tempting if you are swapping grey skies and cloudy weather for sunshine and long days at the beach. However, the process of moving can be particularly difficult for children, especially when it means moving to a new country entirely. 


With that in mind, here are some things you can do to make moving country easier.

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Car Seat Safety Tips When Taking a Road Trip with Kids

Many parents feel they’ve got a pretty good grasp on keeping their child safe in the car, especially if they have multiple children. Having more parenting experience is definitely good, but it is better to be cautious as well.

Unfortunately, nobody can completely protect anyone in the event of a car accident. All we can do is follow the laws and guidelines from car seat manufacturers and experts.

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How to keep a sense of play alive in more restricted times

As we enter the festive season of 2020, it’s safe to say that much of this year has been a truly unprecedented time for many families. With many of the things we previously took for granted (being able to go to friends’ houses, not having to queue for the shops, etc) now providing a new restriction for how our children would usually socialize and play, it’s important that we don’t fall into the trap of our children being inactive themselves.

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Guide To Buying Equipment For Your Playground

The playground is one of the most important parts of any school, park or community. Not only do they provide a safe space for children to play but they also aid with child development at a critical age in their lives. From helping with their fine motor skills, their balance and even their imagination, playgrounds are more important than ever. Creating that playground however, isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

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5 Simple Yet Fun Party Games For Kids

For most moms, something that constantly comes up is parties and get-togethers. 

As your children will get older, they’ll make friends of course, and have them over. In those situations, it’ll be up to you to keep them entertained and pacified and the best way to do that is through fun games

In this article, we’re listing out 5 of the most fun yet effortless games that you can organize within minutes and ensure that the kids have a wonderful time. 


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Teaching children responsibility via pet ownership

Over 40% of households in the UK own pets that include fishes, rabbits, birds, cats, and dogs. Family members, including children, take part in rearing these animals. These families get pets, yet they know it comes with extra expense and daily responsibility. Besides fun and cuteness, these animals can bring many benefits. According to the experts who are responsible to allow students to pay for papers and get a great result, this article can help students in understanding benefits and including its in essay to make it excellent.

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A kid-friendly guide Tips to grow tomatoes in your garden

Gardening is the best way to spend some quality time with children. Growing tomatoes with your offspring will not only introduce fun elements but will also interest them to grow plants and eat vegetables. If your children are not fond of eating tomatoes, planting the seed and let them keep an eye on the plant growth will encourage them to eat tomatoes.

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