Making a Cardboard Rocket Bed with Energizer and The Secret Life of Bed

Energizer® has teamed up with Secret Life of Pets to offer customers the chance to win special The Secret Life of Pets plush toys. To celebrate this offer, they challenged us to make our own special bed for our Secret Life of Pets toys, and the kids had lots of fun decorating and creating our own cardboard pet bed, in the design of a rocket.

cardboard rocket craft for kids

These are the special plush toys that you can get with the promotional Energizer packs, available from major participating retailers. We got Max, Duke and Snowball.


To make our rocket, first we got our supplies together, including an Energizer magnet light that we used to decorate our rocket and make it more functional with a working light switch


We decided to keep our design quite simple, with a big rocket shape on the front and then we wrapped up the rest of the box with outer space design wrapping paper, and the kids added lots of extras to brighten it up.


After cutting out the shape at the top of the rocket, R coloured it all in with permanent markers but you could also paint if you prefer. We wanted to go for the less messy option, plus there’s no waiting for it to dry.


I gave the boys free reign on how they wanted to decorate the rocket bed, and they added loads of space stickers all over, along with some sparkly diamond stars, and some fluffy alien-ish pipe cleaners too



Once the pet bed was ready, we cut out a hole for the rocket window, and added the Energizer magnet light on the front. This is a really handy light which has magnets on both sides so you can easily clamp it on to anything and it comes with batteries already included so you just press it and it turns on straight away. It’s perfect for our rocket!

I hadn’t seen a light like this before. It can easily be positioned and is very small and portable so it’s a really handy and versatile thing to have. With their range of batteries and headlamps, Energizer® is powering family time ready for your very own adventures, even in the front room!


The boys and their plush pets all dressed up in alien masks too, to get into the outer space mood!


Pick up a promotional Energizer pack to get your own Secret Life of Pets plush toys and you could make them a crafty pet bed with the kids too. The DVD is also out now!

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