CamperVan 101 : The Essentials

When it comes to traveling in a campervan, there are a number of essentials you need to ensure your campervan has.

If you are new to traveling in a campervan, it can be difficult to differentiate between what is necessary and essential, and what is merely useful to have. 

In this article, we will be discussing some of the essentials you won’t want to be without. These will make your traveling easier and more streamlined. 

1. Bathroom

The most important thing your campervan should have is a bathroom. If you are on the road for long periods of time, especially in remote areas, a camper with bathroom is essential.

Not only will it give you peace of mind when traveling, it is useful to have.

2. Waste Tank

If you have a bathroom in your campervan, naturally you will also need to have a waste tank.

This will hold all the black water waste, and keep it safely stored until you are able to empty it safely. 

In addition to this, a gray waste water tank will be needed if you are planning to use any water in the RV.

This is water that can be emptied anywhere unlike black water, and is all the leftover water you have used. This needs to be stored somewhere until you are able to empty it. 

3. Camping Stove

If you do not have a built-in stove in your campervan, we would highly recommend purchasing a camping stove.

These are portable and easy to use. As they don’t take up too much space, they are easy to pack in your campervan. 

Camping stoves allow you to cook food on the go, and they mean that you can save money as you will not need to eat out.

They are particularly useful if you are planning to go off the grid for any period of time.

4. Refrigerator

A refrigerator is another must when it comes to campervan essentials. Even if you are not planning on cooking much while traveling, they help to ensure any fresh food you do have remains cool and safe to eat. 

This is especially important during the summer months, and it allows you to have a good amount of food options, rather than just relying on dried food.

You can purchase small refrigerators that are created specifically for RVs. They don’t take up too much space in your campervan.

5. Awning

If you want to park your campervan or a longer period, an awning is an essential item to purchase.

This will attach the side of the campervan, and provides a space outside that is covered over.

With the limited amount of space in a campervan, an awning is a useful item to have.

It allows you to have more room, and will keep you protected from adverse weather and bugs too.

They are not too expensive to purchase, and can be folded away when they are not in use. 

6. First-Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential when traveling in a campervan, and it is something you should always have to hand.

This is especially important if you are traveling to a rural location where there are no ER’s close by. 

A first aid kit can contain all the essentials you feel are necessary, from band-aids to specific medication you need.

It is best to be as prepared as possible, and fill the first-aid kit with everything you may potentially need. 

7. Water Container

You should always have a water container in your campervan. While it is likely your campervan will contain water tanks for the plumbing, a separate water container is still necessary. 

This will help ensure you have enough water, especially if you are off the grid. It is far better to have too much water, rather than too little, especially as it is needed for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and washing. 

8. Wheel Ramps

Last, but certainly not least we have wheel ramps. These are very important to have if you are parking your campervan for any period of time. 

While you can use the brakes and hand brakes when you have parked, the wheel ramps help to ensure your campervan is safe and stable.

The wheel ramps prevent the campervan from rolling, and will give you peace of mind.


These are just a handful of essentials that are useful to purchase for your campervan. We have found that all of these items we have used while traveling and could not be without! 

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