Branded Car Tyres – Are they worth the extra money?

When it comes to car tyres, Birmingham roads can be a bit hit or miss. Some areas have superb roads, but others are mottled with pot-holes which can shred your tyre in a shockingly short time. But you can make sure that you and your vehicle survive these encounters in one surprisingly simple way – and it will not necessarily cost you more, when considered through the long-view lens! This is by simply opting for premium, branded tyres when you renew your tyres, as must be done every five to ten years, depending on the state of wear and how much driving you do.

Premium Is More Expensive!

While premium tyres might cost you more at the till, they then immediately start to pay their way in a fashion that cheap budget tyres do not. Good quality tyres designed and engineered to work with your car to give the best result will actively reduce wear and tear on moving parts, will help to reduce fuel consumption, and can even improve your vehicle’s handling on the road, so you can effortlessly avoid obstacles and unexpected animals without getting into trouble. This means, by the time they get to the end of their life, your ‘expensive’ budget tyres have actually given you back a good deal – if not more than – of the extra cost in the various savings they effect.

Premium Lasts Longer

And speaking about the end of life of these tyres, premium tyres last much longer than budget alternatives. Again, this represents a saving, especially if your budget tyres wear out two or three times faster than the premium ones: the price difference in this case makes the better-quality tyre the cheaper option! (And it is not often that sort of thing happens!)

Premium Gets a Grip

Premium tyres outclass budget tyres in almost every test of roadworthiness, from better grip to sharper braking times to sturdiness when it comes to rough or pot-holed roads.

For buying branded car tyres within your budget, visit Plume Tyres or simply shop online! You will always have the best of all worlds if you choose premium tyres from a well-known supplier: an overall cost saving and greater peace of mind while driving. 

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