As little ones are constantly growing, a regularly delivery of good quality new clothes to keep their wardrobes topped up is such a handy idea. When I heard about Box Upon a Time monthly subscription boxes for baby clothes, I was really interested to find out more.

box upon a time

For £49 per month you will receive a new box every month with a customised selection of branded baby clothes. Before your box arrives, you fill in all your preferences on the Box Upon a time website. This allows you to exclude any colours or patterns that you are not fond of, or to select any particular type of garments that you would prefer to receive in the box. These preferences are very quick and easy to fill in, and help to make sure that you will be pleased with your selection.

In just a couple of days your Box Upon a Time box will be delivered. I enjoyed the surprise aspect of not knowing exactly what would be included – it’s like opening  a present!

Our box included 3 jumpers in age 2-3 years for Mr R.

branded baby clothes selection from box upon a time


These are from Edamame Baby and Bebebo, which is an Italian brand. The quality of all of the clothes is really nice, the Edamame jumpers are especially soft. These are not brands that tend to be sold on the high street so it’s nice to have something a bit different and at £49 for the three jumpers, this is very reasonable. Box Upon a Time guarantees that the price of your box will work out at a 40-50% discount on the actual price of the clothes, so it will work out as a good value way to buy these brands. If you want to buy less cheap throwaway clothes and instead invest in fewer but longer lasting and better quality items, then Box Upon a Time will work perfectly for this.

edamame jumper from box upon a time


I let Mr R choose which jumper he wanted to wear first and he chose the red Edamame jumper. As you can see, he was pretty happy with it. I did find the sizing a tiny bit on the smaller side compared to super market and high street brands, so if your child is in between sizes it may be worth considering that and opting for the larger size.

Box Upon a Time caters for children from 0-3 years. A subscription would make a lovely new baby present, especially as they grow even quicker during those early days and sometimes parents can be too busy to make it to the shops.

edamame jumper from box upon a time

What do you think of Box Upon a Time? It is something you could see yourself using? Let me know your thoughts in the comments

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