Bookawoo Review

Bookawoo is a new monthly subscription box for children aged 0-11 that focuses on books.

The boxes are tailored to your child’s exact age, and each one includes 3-4 books all on a complimenting theme or topic so that they work well together. We were sent a box to review for T age 6, and were very happy with the contents.


Each Bookawoo box will include a mixture of a fiction book, non fiction, and something activity based. This  is a good mix and means that there is something to suit all moods. T’s box was animal themed, and the items included are great! We have a lot of books, but all of these were books and products that I hadn’t seen elsewhere, and they are all really nice ones. You also get a book mark inside and the box is nicely decorated with your child’s name and some fun literary quotes


T’s animal themed Bookawoo box included:

Zoe’s Rescue Zoo: The Eager Elephant

This is a fun book about a little girl called Zoe who lives in the zoo and can really speak to the animals. It is a simple chapter book with some pictures, which works well for children to read themselves or as a read aloud for a chapter each bedtime, depending on their reading ability and what you prefer. I have been reading this to T as he loves to listen to a chapter at bed time and he has enjoyed the book. It’s the first of a series, which is good since it will encourage children to read more if they enjoy it, and we’re always happy to be introduced to new book series for this age group.

Could a Shark do Gymnastics and other Questions

This is the non fiction book in our Bookawoo box. It’s a really clever concept and different to anything I’ve come across before. The book features real facts about sharks, but in a very imaginative way by putting forward ideas like what would a shark do at a party, or at a day out. This book is a big hit with T and his younger brother (age 4) too. I’m sure they will retain the facts more from a book like this than from a straight factual book, as this one makes them laugh a lot and they have asked to read it so often.

100 Animals to Spot at the Zoo

This is like a bonus item in the Bookawoo box. These are a set of cards from Usbourne books featuring all kinds of zoo animals, and facts about them. Most kids of this age group love collectable cards with scores and points on them (my boys definitely do!) so these animal cards tie in really well to their interest in that type of toy. You can take these cards out with you on a trip to the zoo and find out more info about each animal by checking your card as you pass each one.

Draw It! A Doodle a Day book

This is a really big doodle activity book, with 365 activities inside it – one for each day of the year. T loves this type of book so he was really keen to get started on this. The book has lots of prompts for unusual things to draw, from dust to sea creatures, to a tiger’s breakfast! Books like these are so handy to have to keep kids busy during quiet days at home, and this is one of the bigger better ones that we have seen. It’s great that Bookawoo put such a large and good quality doodle book in the box, when they could have easily put a smaller thinner one in.

Overall, the selection of books from Bookawoo impressed us and I would be interested to see what is inside the boxes for other ages and themes.

The boxes are a lovely idea, and can be bought as a one off box for a gift as well as a monthly subscription. With the subscription option, you can subscribe for two siblings at a slightly discounted rate for each box too, which is a good perk, and you can cancel or skip a box at any time.

Bookawoo are based in Ireland but ship to the UK as well as to Ireland. The first Bookawoo box costs €26.95, and then €29.95 per month after that.

It’s not necessarily the cheapest way to buy books, but the value is pretty reasonable for what you get, and receiving one of these boxes through the post would definitely brighten up a child’s day!

Visit the Bookawoo site for more info

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