Biscuiteers Luxury Biscuits for Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day around the corner, you might be looking for something lovely to treat your mum, or even leaving a few hints for your own children too! Recently I heard about Biscuiteers, and was sent a box of their luxury biscuits to try out. They are really beautifully presented, and would make an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, or any special occasion.


The tin we tried out was the gorgeous “Tea for Two” biscuit tin, which includes 12 hand-iced biscuits in the shape of vintage tea pots and cups. You can see how much effort has gone into each biscuit by the level of detail on each one. They really do look impressive!

The tin includes 4 different varieties, each with a set of three biscuits: a teapot, and two cups to go with it.


I really liked the variety of designs included, which made the set feel more special and interesting, rather than having all 12 in the same colour scheme. The lemon one which you can see in the picture above was one of my favourite designs, and the floral designs are lovely too!

The biscuits come in a very nice tin, which you would probably want to keep and re-use even after your biscuits are finished. I’ll definitely be keeping my tin to use for any biscuits that we have in the house.


When you first open the tin, the biscuits are wrapped with tissue and sealed with a sticker, and then each design is on a new layer, with four layers in total.


The tin and wrapping worked well to keep the biscuits fresh. Each one is quite large, so it’s likely to take you a while to get through all of them but we didn’t find any problem with the biscuits losing their freshness in the tin, as we worked through them (in fact we still have a couple left!)

The biscuits are vanilla flavour, and are quite sweet because of the icing, so they are perfect for a mum with a sweet tooth! I found that they are really nice when dunked into a cup of tea – which works really well since they do have a teacup design, so that’s a perfect pairing. The biscuits don’t go soggy when being dunked in tea, they can handle that very well.

Take a look at the Biscuiteers website to see all of the designs they have available. There are lots of varieties, and some are quite specific like first aid themed biscuits, or a sewing kit biscuit tin so you could tailor the biscuits to the recipient’s interests and make it really personal. They also have biscuits for occasions like wedding, new baby, or sending a thank you, so you should be able to find whatever you need!

The Tea for Two biscuits that we received are available for £44.50 for the set, and are available for personalisation, or available in Gluten free which is handy if that’s an option that you need.

Do you think your mum would like these biscuits, or do you fancy some for yourself?

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  1. Ah, these look great, very vintage-inspired! We have had a look at the website and we are impressed with all designs! Another great idea for a Mother’s Day gift is going on a shopping spree and visiting all antique shops in the area, where you can find tons of vintage tins with amazing designs. Adding a handful of homemade cookies would make the perfect gift!


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