Birthday Parties on a Budget

Throwing a birthday party can soon add up, especially if you’re hiring a venue, as well as getting entertainers, decorations, cake, party food, party bags and all of the other fun things that can come along with birthdays.

four different options to consider for holding a birthday party on a budget

There tends to be a few different options that you can consider:

Holding a party at home with friends and family. 

This is usually the most cost effective option. You can get creative with your own decorations (check out these free printable ones to give you some ideas) and party games, and make your own kids birthday cake and all of your own food so this party will come in at a reasonable price.

The downside is, you may be left with a lot of clean up afterwards, and depending on how many kids your child wants to invite – it can be hard to accommodate if your home is not large. The garden can be a better option, if they have a summer time birthday – Or even try a picnic in the park party, at your local park.

Having a birthday day out with just a few friends

We’ve done this before since it can be more manageable to take out just a handful of your child’s best friends (or even 1 or 2) than dealing with the entire class. As kids get a little older, this seems to be a good way to go and allows you do pricier activities like bowling or the cinema, or even a theme park, without the total adding up to a crazy amount.

Here are some of the best places for planning kids birthday party.

Having a kids party at a fixed fee per guest venue

Soft play parties are a favourite for this, but you can get a deal like this at a lot of places that offer family days out. I’m looking into a pizza making party for the next birthday we have coming up, which is around £12 per person at one of our local restaurants. Since that includes a party host, and they get to make and eat their own pizzas, that seems like a good deal to me.

Hiring separately for venue, entertainer, bouncy castle and anything else you need

In our area (London) this seems to come up the most expensive once you add everything together – although if you’re throwing a party with a large amount of guests, it could work out less per person than the fixed fee per guest parties if your venue is not too pricy.

How much do you spend on kids birthday parties? Here’s the averages from around the UK, to see how you measure up!

blog-The cost of a kids birthday party-infographic

Infographic via Sunlife

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