Billy the Goat’s Big Breakfast

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billy the goat's big breakfastWe recently received a new book for review from Random House – Billy the Goat’s Big Breakfast by Jez Alborough. This is an author we have enjoyed before, with classic books like “Hug!” which is a favourite in our house.

billy the goat's big breakfast

Billy the Goat’s Big Breakfast is a lovely book all in rhyme. It is all about a naughty goat called Billy who visits his friend for breakfast. He finds it so hard to wait for the food to be ready and the other guests to arrive as he is really hungry so he ends up sneakily drinking all the juice and then taking a bite out of the raw bread dough by mistake. Then his stomach rises up like a loaf of bread! He is sorry for his mistake, and it is all okay in the end as his friend has gone out to buy some extra breakfast items to make sure there is enough for everyone, and Billy has learned his lesson!

It is a simple enough story for young children to enjoy from around 2 years up to about 5. You can see Mr R (2) here enjoying having a look through all the pages and pointing out familiar items in the pictures (juice! cat!) whereas Mr Z and Mr T (at 5 and 3) can understand more the moral behind the story and what lesson the naughty goat has learned.

reading billy the goat's big breakfastThere is also a song sheet in the back of the book with the music written if you have a piano to use at home. Unfortunately we don’t have one although I did play the piano as a child. It’s a nice touch as a little extra for the book. The rhyming rhythm of the story is quite song-like as a whole, so this fits in very well.

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