Bigjigs Play Farm Review

The boys and I have really enjoyed being part of the Bigjigs Play Patrol programme this year, and have tried out so many wonderful wooden toys and this wooden play farm has to be one of our favourites. This set includes so much detail and I am really impressed with the good value it offers.

Bigjigs farm play set


The set is made up of six large wooden jigsaw pieces which make up the base of the farm, and multiple buildings, animals and people which make up the farm scene on top. These pieces include a functional stable and a moving windmill, a vegetable patch, kennel, a small shed, and pond as well as lots of animals, tools and movable fencing.

Bigjigs farm play set


All of the pieces are nice and chunky, and easy for toddlers to handle. R is 3 years old and really enjoyed playing with this toy. The set is recommended for 3+ which I do think is about right, but slightly younger children would manage fine with it too. My 2 year old nephew has also enjoyed playing with this toy.

With so many pieces included, there is lots to talk about with your child as they play, from animals and their noises, to making up stories about life on the farm. It also lends itself well to learning about prepositions as they place the animals in the barn, on the roof etc. This type of small world role play is great to get little ones talking and building on their language.

Bigjigs farm play setI love the little wheel barrow and tools, and R’s favourite is the cat which he loves to place on top of each of the roofs. Since the set is fairly big, two or three children can easily play together with this farm and there are plenty of animals and people to go around.

Bigjigs farm play set

I find it really useful that the base is made from jigsaw pieces and so it can easily be dismantled to store away in the box without taking up too much space while not in use. As with most wooden toys, all the pieces are strong and durable and this toy should last for years and be able to be passed down to younger ones once R has finished with it.

Bigjigs farm play set

You can see more about this farm set on the Bigjigs website. It is available for 24.99 which I think is really good value for a wooden toy like this – especially such a large set.

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