Best pop-up locations in London for students

Best pop-up locations in London for students

It can’t be denied – London is one of the best locations in the world for students. As a capital it’s vibrant, full of history and culture, and you’ll never be short of things to do when you’re not studying (or drinking, but we’re not here to judge!). One of the reasons why London is so popular with international students is the rich cultural diversity across the city, and you’ll love immersing yourself in the dynamic, fast-paced environment London offers, while still being able to head to experience the lush, green parks and quiet museums.

When you’re looking for the best student accommodation London is host to, it’s important you pick somewhere that’ll give you access to everything that London has to offer. And we mean everything! Each borough has its own unique vibe, with markets to explore, shops to dive in to and plenty of bars to get acquainted with. As well as the permanent favourites, London has a whole load of pop-up experiences to take advantage of while they’re around, from immersive theatres in hidden locations to unique boutiques and underground speakeasies.

bridge-898753_640London’s known for its food scene, but did you know there are more and more pop-up restaurants and supper clubs across the city every day? Foodies will want to make sure their student accommodation is perfectly located to enjoy the awesome culinary delights the capital has to offer, and although pop-up locations can change all the time, choosing the right place to live means you’ll never be short of unbelievable food options on your doorstep.

If you’re lucky enough to experience student living in central London, you’ll love how much there is to do right outside your front door. Head to Berwick Street market, right in the heart of Soho, for a range of tasty street-food options, including incredible Vietnamese food and pizza that tastes like it’s come straight out of Italy.

A bit further out in the City of London is Kerb at the Gherkin, one of the most popular street-food pop-up locations in London, right underneath an iconic London landmark. Students living around Aldgate will love to take advantage of this weekly market, as well as the pop-up shops and boutiques at Spitalfields Market.

Head a little further east towards Shoreditch, Dalston or Hackney for something a little bit different (and by that, we mean a little bit hipster). Box Park by Shoreditch High Street regularly features different food and drinks vendors, with everything from vegetarian delights to chicken, sushi and even a juice bar.

Wherever you choose to live while you’re studying in London, you’ll be amazed by just how much there is to find, do and eat right outside your front door.

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