The Best Gifts for a New Home Owner

The Best Gifts for a New Home Owner

If you have a loved one that is soon to be moving house and you are looking for a gift for them, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find them something that you know they’ll actually really appreciate. Therefore we’ve put together some ideas that fit a range of budgets to help you on your way!

There are a lot of expenses for a new home owner, such as maintenance and appliance repairs for example from so any gifts or help from friends and family will surely be deeply appreciated for them at this time.

The best gifts for a new home owner : lots of practical ideas

A camera or camcorder 

Cameras always make a good gift for lots of different types of recipients, and new home owners are a great one in particular as they will enable your loved ones to capture those special first moments in their new home. If they have a little one or one on the way, a camcorder may make a really great gift to help document those first precious moments of their life.

A useful kitchen appliance

Everyone knows that kitting a kitchen out can be a really pricey endeavour; especially as the items will be necessities so can’t be avoided or put back, really. This can be a good option for all budgets too, as you can blow the bank and get them something big like a fridge or freezer, or you could go for something smaller and cheaper, but just as useful, such as a toaster or coffee machine. You can get good deals on electrical appliances online at sites like Electric Shop too which is well worth looking into if you are on a budget.

A TV or related electricals (DVD players, games consoles etc)

If your budget allows, a TV is a fantastic gift that your loved one will no doubt really appreciate, as these are the sorts of things that always get pushed further down the list when it comes to kitting out a house, as it’s not a necessity (though of course the TV mad amongst us may disagree!). If you’re on a more modest budget, things like a DVD player or Blu-Ray player is likely to be much appreciated, as are things like games consoles too.


Your loved one can no doubt expect lots of visitors and guests at their new abode, as everyone will want to go and check out their new pad. Help them be great hosts (and avoid those moments where they don’t have enough plates and forks etc) by getting them some useful tableware items. Things like plates and cutlery are a great gift as they’re so useful, and a really nice set will give them a feel of luxury that they may otherwise be lacking in amongst the millions of boxes to unpack!

Good quality towels

Towels are one of those things that you may think make quite an odd gift, but a good set of high quality towels is a really welcome present, especially during all the madness of moving home. It is likely to be something that’s neglected when it comes to kitting out a house, and can be a true slice of luxury for your loved ones that they’re unlikely to splash out on themselves. John Lewis do some really nice ranges – you could kit them out completely with things like hand towels and bath mats too if your budget allows.

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