The Best Child-Friendly UK Breaks

As a family with children, it can be an almighty task finding the best break that everyone will enjoy, especially as your child grows older.

Some places are more suitable than others, depending on the age of your child(ren). With young babies, you will want to consider places more relaxing, while older children and teenagers may have more of a sense of adventure about them.

For families struggling to choose on where to spend a weekend, or book a week’s break, below we have listed some of our favourite ideas that we hope can help you decide on your next family holiday.

The Best Child-Friendly UK Breaks

Breaks Suitable for Babies

As the parent of a young baby, you can take full advantage of still being able to travel outside of school term times, thus saving yourself a lot of money in doing so. Small babies’ ears do not stand up too well to the pressure that comes with flying, so staying in the UK will make for a much less stressful journey.

We recommend staying away from large cities, such as London, as you will soon find that pushing a pram around all day in congested areas is not so much a holiday, but more of a form of torture that would make even the worst dictator cringe. Look towards open areas, such as caravan holiday parks, where you can take your little one out and about without dreading the thought of taking pushchairs onto public transport.

Coastal areas such as north Wales, Cornwall and Dorset offer scenic landscapes that you can explore as a family, and find reasonably priced accommodation to suit all budgets.

Breaks Suitable for Older Children

As your child gets older, meaning that they can walk on their own two feet, now you can begin to look towards city breaks and busier locations. Families with children may look at short weekend breaks to fit in around school, or longer breaks outside of term time or on bank holiday weekends.

Over the holidays, such as Easter or the festive period, London always has a lot going that is suitable for all ages. With stunning landmarks and events whichever way you look, there are plenty of options for your little one.

In the capital, wow children with a ride on the London Eye – breath-taking at day or night – and take the opportunity to educate them about our country’s history and heritage at the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Your little ones will be desperate to tell their friends in Show and Tell on Monday morning!

Breaks Suitable for Teenagers

Teenagers can be/are tricky. They are approaching that fine line between childhood and adulthood, and soon will be more interested in planning trips away with their friends than hanging around with mum and dad – so it’s important to make the most of quality family time.

Theme parks, such as Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, are great ideas for families with teenagers, especially for adrenaline junkies. By heading to a theme park, you can grant your teenager some independence by allowing them to go off and do their own thing should they wish – with so many attractions and ride, they will keep themselves busy.

Some other great ideas for families with teenagers include camping and domestic holiday resorts such as Butlins, where you can enjoy fun both as a family and be left to your own devices. In fact, most teenagers cannot stand being without their devices, so you may want to check that wherever you stay has WiFi available!

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