I Believe Buggy Review

For the past couple of months we have been trying out a new single buggy, the I Believe buggy in cool blue sold exclusively through yourbuggyshop.com

i believe buggy review

I have been trying this buggy mainly with Mr R (2 years old) but also with Mr T (4.5) as he has Autism and some physical difficulties he finds it hard to walk distances. We had been using a double buggy the Nipper 360 (you can read about my difficulty finding a double buggy suitable for them both here) but now for the short distances like to school and back, I have been able to take the I Believe buggy instead and just get the two younger boys to talk turns with their walking.

I’ve been really happy over all with this buggy.

At first, we did not get off to the best start as there were no instructions at all included in our box. Perhaps this was an error as I have seen another blogger review mentioning that they did have instructions and they found them easy to follow, but in ours there was nothing and we were not able to find any instructions online either. I do think it would be a good idea to simply add a pdf file with the instructions onto the your buggy shop website to make life simpler for anyone in this situation. My husband managed to improvise and just work it out by himself and once it was assembled the buggy seemed great and I was keen to start testing it out with the boys.

i believe buggy

The buggy is very comfortable for the child to sit in, with a very easy to use 5 point harness. The bar at the front is very easy to lift to allow the child to get in and out, which is important for us as we have the two of them switching seats. You simply click it in, and it lifts up. The straps are not fiddly to use at all, and I find them better than some other stroller straps we have had which seem to come apart into more piece.

i believe buggy straps

The cool blue hood gives a nice splash of colour and is easily pulled forward or back depending on whether you need shade for your little one. I usually rest my handbag on the buggy hood while pushing the buggy and I find that there is enough space here to do this.

i believe buggy hood

The back wheels of the buggy are large tyres, which is great. I much much prefer this type of tyres as it gives a much smoother ride for the child and makes it so much easier for the parent to push. Perhaps because I have older toddlers to push in the buggy this aspect becomes more important to me than it would do with a lightweight baby. Although I do think that once you have got used to tyres, you can never go back to standard plastic buggy wheels – because tyres are just so much better.

The only downside with tyres is possible punctures but I have not had any issues with these at all so far, and they seem to be pretty well made so I hope they will last well. I would actually prefer the front wheels of this buggy to be with tyres too, to make it easier to go up and down curbs without having to raise the front of the buggy – but it’s not a massive issue.


I find the basket space of this buggy pretty good. My previous buggy was very poor on basket space so this basket is a luxury to me, it can fit my elder boy’s school book pack, lunch box, water bottle, spare school jumpers and all the usual bits and pieces we take on the school run. This makes my life so much easier as I don’t have free hands to carry it while pushing the buggy and holding on to whichever of the younger boys is walking. If you are going shopping and need to carry more, you can easily attach a buggy hook to this style of buggy handle but for daily life this basket is definitely adequate.

The brakes are at the back of the buggy and operate by foot. They are very simple and easy, and work well.

There is a wrist strap attached to the buggy handle which you can hold to make sure it does not roll down a hill or roll away while you are walking.

The overall look of the buggy is pretty nice, and I have had a few comments on it and people asking where it is from when I am taking this buggy out on the school run. It does have clear branding on it, so you can recognise it as I Believe.

ibelieve buggy

The build quality feels very decent, and sturdy enough. I can see it lasting well and it’s great value at £245.00 with all the extras included – rain cover, cosy toes and nappy bag. If you have a newborn you can also buy the compatible car seat and carry cot for this buggy to turn it into a travel system, which is fantastic as it would then see you through very well from newborn all the way until your child is walking.

The seat can recline flat so if you do have a younger baby, that’s a great feature and it is really easy to use. Although my children are a little older and don’t require this I did just test it out to see how it worked.

To fold is also very easy and the buggy folds down small into 96 x 59 x 40 cms and fits very easily into the back of the car. 

toddler in i believe buggy

As you can see, my little one is quite happy in it!

Here are the full specifications of the buggy:

Key features:

Beautifully made
Free Cosy Toes included
Free Nappy Bag included
Free Rain Cover included
Suitable from birth with car seat or carrycot
Easy to collapse and unfold
Light yet sturdy aluminium frame
High quality construction
Swivel handrail allowing one hand operation
Adjustable handle bar height
Easy to fold
Foot operated brake
Lockable/swivel front wheels
Forward or rearward facing seat
Three seat recline settings
Large shopping basket
Five point safety harness


Open: 104cm x 80cm x 59cm
Folded: 96cm x 59cm x 40cm
Seat width: 35 cm
Pushchair Weight: 9.1 kg

I would definitely recommend this buggy. It’s working really well for us and I much prefer it to the other single buggy we had. It works very well with a toddler and seems like it would be great for a younger baby too so it would be a really good all rounder.

If you have any questions about the buggy, feel free to ask me in the comments and I will help out if I can. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi
    The instructions should have been sent out with the buggy in the box with the canopy, nappy bag and rain cover. That was our mistake! I think the idea of having a PDF of the website is a good one and we will look into sorting that out.

    I am glad to see that you like the buggy

    All the best

  2. This buggy looks amazing I must recommend it to my stepdaughter. Glad you managed to work it out in the end – I’m useless without instructions 🙂


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