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We have eaten breakfast in Beefeater before, when staying in Premier Inn hotels, as they are often attached to the hotels, but had never tried eating in Beefeater at other times of day, so we were interested to try out dinner at one of our local Beefeater Grills, Moor Mill in Radlett, and see what we thought to the children’s menu.

This summer, Beefeater has had a special Mr Men themed menu that comes along with a Mr Men toy for each child.

Kids Mr Men Menu in Beefeater

With this menu, children can get a meal with 1 courses and a drink for 4.49, including the toy, or 3 courses for 5.99. There are plenty of options and you are free to switch over any of the sides – so if your child would rather have peas than sweetcorn, or garlic bread than chips, you can mix and match all of those which is handy (and we did opt to swap a couple of things).

Take a look at the entire menu here

beefeater mr men toy

The menu also comes with a Mr Men activity book for the kids to complete while waiting for their meal – which they enjoyed. It does have more activities in it than the typical colouring page you get in many restaurants.

beefeater mr men activity pack

The kids selected Mr Messy’s Spaghetti Bolognese, Mr Small’s Cod Bites and Mr Perfect’s Pop in Chicken, and enjoyed their meals. The sizes are not very big, so just right for younger children but wouldn’t be enough for an older child, so if they are 8 or 9 you may want to order for them from the adults menu.

beef eater kids meals

Although the children’s meals were brought over to our table pretty quickly, we had quite a long wait for our own meals. This was to the extent that the kids had actually finished, before we got our meals! It’s lucky they did have the Mr Men activity packs, otherwise that it would have been very hard for them to wait for us for so long! We did enjoy our meals and the amount of variety on the Beefeater menu, but I hope next time we visit that the wait is not so long. We weren’t given any explanation about the wait, and I have heard others mention long wait times at Beefeater too, so I would say if you’re heading there to eat then don’t expect the service to be so quick, and allow plenty of time just in case.

The kids have been asking to go back again since our meal though, so the longer waiting time wouldn’t necessarily put us off visiting again.

We decided to get the kids desserts while we ate our main course, to keep them from waiting any longer. The selection of kids desserts on the Mr Men menu is quite inventive and they were quite memorable to the kids. They went for ice cream which comes with sweets to design your own face, the mini chocolate challenge and Mr Jelly’s Wobbly Jelly & Ice Cream

beef eater desserts for kids

After our meal, my husband and I decided to try the milkshakes and tried the strawberry and the chocolate flavours

beefeater strawberry milkshakeWe would go back to Beefeater again. I like that it has plenty of choice available on the menu and is really family friendly, and fairly inexpensive. They also have an outdoor garden area, so perhaps we will give that a try next time we visit – as long as the weather is better than it was when we visited!

beefeater moor mill in radlett


Have you tried eating at Beefeater? How was your experience?

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