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Bee Smart plane xylophoneBee Smart have a new range of wooden toys and Mr R was really happy to have the chance to test out this Wooden Aeroplane shape sorter and xylophone activity toy. It’s such a beautiful toy – very well made and well thought out, with lots of different bits to keep little ones entertained so it keeps their attention well.

The toy includes:

  • Shape sorter with 6 coloured blocks
  • Xylophone with 2 beaters
  • Pull along feature
  • All in an aeroplane design


Mr R (2) was drawn to the toy straight away and it kept his interest for a pretty long time. He really concentrated on the shape sorting and the pieces are nice and chunky so they are perfect for his little hands. His favourite was the red circle as it’s the easiest one to put inside! With some of the other shapes I had to guide him a little to turn them the right way and fit them through the spaces. The spaces on the aeroplane are all colour coded with the shapes to give a little hint if the children need it.


He is also really enjoying the xylophone, as is Mr T (3). The Xylophone comes with 2 beaters and is a beautiful rainbow design, really bright and appealing. It can be quite loud but it seems to be able to withstand some very enthusiastic bashing from the little ones! We have had some quite flimsy Xylophones in the past and I can tell a real difference with this one. It does look as though it will last much longer.

Have a look at my Dayre post from yesterday as that has a little video of Mr R playing the xylophone!

The boys have also enjoyed running along pulling the little plane behind them! As they are all keen on vehicles, the aeroplane design really appeals to them a lot.

It is a very clever design as all the shape and the xylophone beater can fit inside so it is all easily stored away. The toy manages to incorporate several activities and look great – so what’s not to love!

This toy is £24.99 from BeeSmart and would make a lovely gift for any toddler from around 1-3 years.

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What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

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