Be an Energy Shopper with Ofgem

Switching energy suppliers is often recommended as a good way to get the best deal and make sure you keep your household bills under control. Especially as energy bills are such a big part of the family budget, it can make a noticeable difference if you get a better deal for your gas and electricity.

I was talking to my mum earlier and she mentioned looking for a new deal, as my parents switch their supplier quite regularly to make sure that they keep a good price. I thought that I should really look into checking out the prices and making sure that we have the best possible deal too, as we don’t tend to change our supplier so often.

I’m not the most savvy with energy shopping, as the variety of deals and packages available can be daunting with so many choices! My husband usually makes these decisions for our family, but I have been thinking that I should look into it too and start to understand the energy options a bit better. Luckily the Ofgem ‘Be an Energy Shopper’ (BAES) site simplifies the matter with easy to understand pages on understanding energy tariffs and deals and understanding energy bills.


Ofgem recommend using a TCR (Tariff comparison rate) to quickly and accurately compare deals and find out how much you’d be paying per unit of energy. These aren’t personalised to you, but are based on average energy consumption. They still offer a very useful simple way to compare prices, or alternatively you can use a personal projection that will look at your own family usage and project a total price for your whole year.  You can request a personal projection from your energy supplier at any time, and a company has to give you one of these before you sign a new contract for your year’s gas and electricity – so these will allow you to compare very well too.


If you’re interested in switching your energy supplier, have a look at the Ofgem approved comparison sites here, to help you get a better deal.

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