Baffled from Cheatwell Games

Baffled is a really fun board game from Cheatwell games. I enjoy games that get you thinking and challenge your brain power a little bit, while also being fast moving and entertaining for the family, and Baffled definitely hit the mark with this.

The aim of the game in Baffled is to memorise the position of all of the symbol cards, so that you can correctly identify which card is in which space, or find a particular card when asked. However, the task is made more challenging as the cards can shift position during play, so you really have to keep a track and it can become quite tricky!

The board is made up of the middle section where all of the twelve cards are hidden in spaces A-L, and then a track around the outside where the players pieces move. As you land on each space, you need to complete the task written on it, otherwise you will lose a life!

The concept of having a fixed amount of lives to lose is a bit different from other board games, and it means you can make the game as long or short as you like by dishing out a different amount of lives at the start of the game, or give an advantage to younger players by allowing them slightly more lives. This concept works really well in the game, and you can also win back lives if you’re able to successfully complete some of the harder tasks like correctly locating a full set of cards (eg all the fruits)

Baffled is recommended for players age 8 and over, so I’ve played it together with my oldest two boys who are 8 and 9 who both really enjoyed it and were easily able to understand the game. Younger children would be able to manage it with some help too I’m sure. We haven’t yet tried playing with our younger boy who is 6, but I think maybe with a couple of bonus lives he would manage it fine.

Baffled is a great game. It’s a really fun way to work on your memory skills, and is just the right balance between being challenging but not impossible or frustrating. I would definitely recommend it.

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