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The summer holidays have gone by so fast and today was Mr Z’s first day back at school. He is now in year 2! He was really happy to go back and see his friends and seems to have had a lovely day, which is great.

To get ready for back to school, JD Sports sent over a back to school bag and coat for Mr Z. I’m very happy with the quality, and can’t believe how grown up he looks now that he is going into year 2.

JD sports mckenzee coat

Here he is over the years, at the beginning of each school year:

543434_616010375343_647042203_nLast year – going into year 1

391629_583421209293_2088383178_nGoing into reception

384391_556455309173_1279095709_nStarting at school nursery.

I can hardly believe that next year he will be moving up to start at the juniors! In the juniors at our school they no longer take a book bag and instead move on to taking a back pack to school every day. JD sports also have a good range of school bags and I got Mr Z a small back pack as I think he will start using it a bit this year too. Sometimes his book bag is so full and overflowing, so a back pack will be better.



He looked at the JD Sports website with me and chose this mini Nike backpack because he likes sporty things. That’s a change that came about over the course of year 1. When he started last year he was still very much into his trains and preschool shows, and over the year he grew up into a football loving, super fast running, proper school boy. I wonder what changes this year will bring!

The bag he chose is great, it’s not too big at all for a younger child. It’s very manageable and seems to be very durable too, with a handy pocket at the front as well as the main section of the back pack.

This year Mr T will be starting school too and Mr R will be starting nursery! Although both of them have not gone back yet, our school is a little later than some. I’m excited to see what their school days will have in store for them and hope they manage to settle in without too many tears or worries.

How are your little ones getting on with starting school or going back to school?

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  1. I love the photos! It is amazing how much they change in just a few short years isn’t it. My son had his first day at his new school yesterday and it seemed to go well! Hope Mr Z enjoys Year 2!


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