Argumentative essay format

What is the correct argumentative essay format like?

Argumentative essay is one of those types of essays you have to write most frequently as a student. Because its goal is to share your point of view with others and defend it in the most convincing way possible by presenting well-grounded arguments, it shows your ability to think independently and critically.

But before actually writing essay, you have to outline its structure. Why is essay structure so important? First of all, because it helps understanding your point of view and your arguments better. When you present one argument after another and provide a proper explanation for each of it, it makes your audience trust you and what you have to say more.

Argumentative essay structure and its specifics

There is a standard essay structure quite common for any type of essay. Usually, it includes three main structural parts and an outline for argumentative essay has the following format:

1. Title. Your title must be concise and reflect the main idea of your essay. Title if for the first introduction of your topic to the readers, so its goal is to get them interested. Needless to say, vague and off-topic titles get them bored right from the start.

2. Introduction. Compare this to opening a door before your reader. Let your audience look at your topic, understand it better and look forward to your arguments. What is the topic you are writing about? Why is it so important? What point of view on the subject do you offer and what other opinions are there? Remember: it won’t be sufficient to just explain why your essay’s main idea is important to you. You’ll also have to make it important to others. It might be a good idea to use quotes, leading questions or even some shocking statistics information here.

3. Essay body. This part includes 3-4 body paragraphs, each containing a thesis statement. And as it’s required that each statement must be properly proved, it’s always followed by an argument. An argument is, as a rule, some idea, fact, social phenomenon, event, or real life situations, as well scientific and statistics data. It would be better to present a couple of arguments for each thesis statement, as one may seem unconvincing and three may overload the concise style of your argumentative essay. End each paragraph in a wrap-up sentence.

4. Conclusion. Time to draw a bottom line. Remind others about the main idea of your essay and summarize the statements you’ve presented. Tell them why you’ve got a stronger point of view and why it’s more important than others ones you have mentioned.

Strict and clear, format of argumentative essay helps you to understand what you are writing this paper for and leaves little space for doubt. However, working on the essay itself takes a lot of work and analyzing various sources. In case you don’t have much experience in writing this kind of essays, you may get some professional help or order a custom essay. However, it would be much better to try this by yourself. Writing an argumentative essay is wonderful exercise for your mind and your critical thinking.

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