Are Three Wheel Scooters Safe for 6 year olds?

Three wheel scooters are safe for 6 year olds and even for kids as young as 2 years. The design makes them perfectly suitable for first timers and can be a starting point without having to risk riding a bicycle or a two wheel scooter. If you are running out of outdoor play ideas, now it’s the time to hit the streets with three wheelers. The chances of falling are far too less and the fun is unlimited. Don’t know where to choose a great three wheeler for your kids? can satisfy youIf you want me to convince you further, keep reading!!

Safe Age Ranges for 3 Wheel Scooters

From my experience, I would say 2 years and older is the safest age range for riding three wheel scooters. Because of the super stable base of these scooters young toddlers will have absolutely no problem controlling them.

For 6 year old kids, these scooters should be pretty easy to master and the risk involved is close to nothing. However, kids over 6 and 7 years could be too big to ride three wheelers. has great details on the best scooters for 6 year olds. Check out this guide if you are interested!

Types of Three Wheel Scooter

A. 2 Front Wheels+1 Rear Wheel With Lean to Steer

Three wheelers with double front wheels with lean to steer are the most common 3 wheel scooters available. Compared to a two wheel scooter, it’s easier to learn and a lot safer. The handles don’t turn. Rather, the kid has to lean to turn. For a 6 year old, this could be the perfect option and it will also help learn balancing.


B. 2 Front Wheels+1 Rear Wheel With Bicycle Type Steering

This type of 3 wheel scooter has the same design as the previous one. However, it has a bicycle type handle that moves the wheels when you rotate them. I wouldn’t say these are much suitable for 6 year olds. But they are the safest option available. The scooter does most of the balancing work.


C. 1 Front Wheel+2 Rear Wheels

Basically, this is the tricycle version of a scooter. The handle moves like a bicycle and has a wider wheel base. For most toddlers or older kids, this could be a way to start riding and have fun on the streets.

Why Are 3 Wheel Scooters Safe for 6 Year Olds and Other Age Groups?


1. First Taste of Riding for Newbies

Who can forget the first ride ever? But as a parent you need to make that decision as to what vehicle is suitable for your kid to start riding. In my opinion, for any kid under 7 years, a three wheel scooter is the safest choice. It will give your kid pretty similar experience to riding a bicycle without additional risks.


2. Minimal to Complete Balance Support

Think about a two wheel scooter or any two wheeled vehicle. A lot depends on the rider and how well he can maintain balance. Whereas, 3 wheel scooters does the job of balancing itself with the extra wheel and the stable base. The ones with lean to steer design will provide half the balance and the bicycle handle types will provide complete balance.


3. Reduces Chances of Falling to Nearly 0%

Three wheel scooters don’t slide or topple over. No matter where your kids ride, they are designed to hold the ground. So, the chances of falling are immensely less. What that does is gives your kid a boost of confidence and motivation to try new things.


4. Helps to Upgrade to More Advanced Ride-On Vehicles

When your kid overcomes the fear of falling and learns the simple tactics of turning and gaining speed, you can easily buy a more advanced vehicle. 3 wheel scooters do a great job in teaching your kid balance, steering, acceleration and braking. After he outgrows the scooter, you can upgrade to a two wheel scooter or a tricycle.


5. Builds Physical Confidence

Mental confidence is one thing. It’s important that your kid learns to use his hands and legs and control them. This way he will gain physical confidence besides the satisfaction of riding alone.

Final Words…

So, yeah three wheel scooters are super safe for year olds and kids below. As a parent, you should make that decision of buying one now if you were thinking otherwise. 6 months to 1 year, after that, upgrade to a tricycle or a bicycle. The skills from riding a three wheeler will definitely help him to ride other vehicles.

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