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I love Alphablocks for encouraging phonics learning with my children. They’re familiar with the show from watching CBeebies so seeing the characters on a puzzle immediately appealed to them.

If you’re not familiar with the Alphablocks, they are a set of 26 characters – one per letter of the alphabet, each taking on their own personality. For example T is often tutting and making the sound t, t, t.. and also likes to drink tea. These personalities help children to associate the letter sounds with each letter.

Ravensburger alphablocks giant floor puzzleThe Alphablocks giant floor puzzle has 24 pieces which are all a nice big size. I find this larger puzzle format is great when the children want to work on it together, since they can all get down on the floor and sit around the puzzle together, and these large pieces also last really well when handled by young children.

Ravensburger alphablocks giant floor puzzleThe puzzle is bright and appealing, and features all of the Alphablocks in order from A to Z.

All of the children enjoyed recognising the letters and matching them up but this puzzle is particularly suited to my 3 and 5 year olds who are in nursery and reception and are working on their letters and early reading skills at the moment. It’s definitely a fun and simple way for them to get in some extra letter practice at home during their play time.

Ravensburger alphablocks giant floor puzzleThe pieces fit together well and are easy to handle. I always find the quality of Ravensburger puzzles to be good and they last well.

Ravensburger alphablocks giant floor puzzleThis Alphablocks giant floor puzzle is a great addition to our playroom and is one that we will return back to often. It would be ideal for any child from about 2.5-5 to help support them in learning letter sounds, as well as general cognitive development, spacial awareness and all of the other skills that can be developed by playing with puzzles.

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