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By Luciana Oliveira

How secure is your home from a potential break-in? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

If not, please keep on reading. Burglaries are on the rise, especially during Winter months as opportunistic thieves look to take advantage of the darker nights. 

The good news however is that there are plenty of ways to secure your home.

There’s also expert advice freely available from your local qualified locksmiths who can audit your property including doors, windows, gates, garages, sheds and help you secure your home. 

How good is your current security?

Burglars work in various ways with some scoping out properties beforehand and others targeting homes when they see an opportunity. It’s therefore critical to make sure your home always look occupied. 

Professional Yorkshire based locksmith SF Locksmiths has the following advice on common home security vulnerabilities:

  • Windows and doors left unlocked – even if they’re not fully accessible it’s always good to keep your doors and windows locked when leaving the house or when you’re not around.
  • Overgrown hedges and bushes around your home – these can act as a great place for burglars to take cover, therefore it is important to keep up with your garden maintenance and make sure hiding places are minimal. 
  • Unsecured sheds and garages – these places are often forgotten when it comes to home security. It’s wise to speak to a professional locksmith who can advise on the most suitable locks or padlocks for these door types. 
  • Leaving a spare key – if this key is easily accessible, for example under a plant pot near the back door, this can provide a huge vulnerability to your home security which could also void your home insurance. 
  • Jammed locks and mechanisms – extreme changes in weather can play havoc with door and window locking mechanisms. Hot weather causes the frame to expand, and in very cold temperatures contract and warp causing movement and miss-alignment of the locks. Both scenarios leading to jammed locks. 

How you can secure your home

High security Anti Snap Locks

Many uPVC doors are fitted with sub-standard locks which are prone to lock snapping, a common technique used by burglars to gain entry to your home.

By upgrading to high security anti-snap locks, you are protecting yourself not only from lock snapping but also from lock picking, drilling and may other common burglar techniques.

Anti-snap locks are designed and tested to British Standards and provide the highest level of security.

Install a burglar alarm

Burglar alarms are one of the most popular security measures to deter forced entry.

As well as discouraging burglars from breaking into the property, burglar alarms also effectively alert the owners and their neighbours of any break-ins.

This means that even if an intruder enters your property, they may not be successful in stealing your possessions due to the audible and visual deterrent.

Add deadbolts for further security

Intruders will often try to pick or snap the locks on your outer doors to get into your home.

While anti snap locks can help prevent this, it’s also wise to install a deadbolt on your door providing a further layer of security.

The deadbolt cannot be interfered with from the outside and can makes it more difficult for intruders to get through.

Add sash jammers to windows

Sash jammers are a simple, cost-effective device that can be fixed to uPVC windows and doors to give an extra level of security.

As the name suggests, a sash jammer will prevent the window or door from opening if an intruder tries to get in. They’re a practical, effective and inexpensive way of protecting your home.

Speak to an expert Locksmith

If you’re unsure about your home security and wish to discuss this further, it’s always best to speak to a local expert.

We spoke with Stephen Fretwell at SF Locksmiths who covers the South Yorkshire area.

When choosing a locksmith, the first step is to make sure the locksmith really is local and based in your area, many have local numbers but are really national companies.

Secondly, it’s critical to look at impartial reviews; check out their Facebook page or Google reviews to see feedback from real customers.

Finally it might be worthwhile checking out their website to view any credentials and trade bodies they belong to which gives you further peace of mind.

Home security isn’t something to overlook so make sure it’s a priority for your own home. 

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