A Guide for New Parents: 2 Things You Can Do to Start Feeling Like Yourself Again  

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Has something about your life not felt quite right since you gave birth? Do you feel like a completely different person now that your pregnancy is over and your child is in your life? Are you concerned that you’ve lost a piece of your past self that you’ll never get back? Fear not, you will start feeling more like yourself again soon, you just have to give it time.

If you want to hurry up the process of feeling ‘normal’ again, be sure to put the following advice into practice:

Turn to other for support

If you’ve experienced any negative thoughts or feelings since you’ve returned home with your newborn, fear not because you’re not on your own. Thousands of new parents share the same post-birth concerns as you, so you’re not as alone as you may think you are.

There will always be someone out there that understands exactly what you’re going through, and you shouldn’t have any qualms in turning to these people for support. Whether you suffer an identity crisis or whether you are inflicted with postpartum depression, there will always be someone willing and waiting to assist you. For more information on the assistance that you have available to you in this instance, be sure to head over to the NHS website.

Give yourself a makeover

Do you feel like a brand new version of yourself now that you’re a parent? Instead of worrying about the fact that you’ll never be the person you were before you gave birth, embrace this new era in your life by giving yourself a makeover. You definitely deserve one!

The post-birth makeover that you give yourself can be as subtle or as drastic as you like. It’s your life, so the decision is yours and yours alone. If you want to change the tone of your makeup to herald in a new, far more modest era with regard to your appearance, do it. Or if you want to go in the opposite direction by dying your hair purple, go ahead and do that instead!

New mums aren’t the only ones who are allowed to give themselves a makeover after birth. Dads are more than welcome to embrace the future in this way too. There are plenty of things that new dads can do to start feeling confident in their appearance once again, one of which being to have a hair transplant. As time moves forward, hair gets thinner — that’s the way Mother Nature and Father Time work. 

Fortunately, Harley Street Hair Clinic are at hand to help. As stated at hshairclinic.co.uk, they are capable of offering the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant technique. This minimally invasive restoration option helps hair to come back thicker than ever before, making it the perfect option for anyone that wishes to see quick, effective results.

Stop trying to force things to go back to how they were in the past, accept the present for what it is, and welcome the future with open arms. If you do, you’ll be sure to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life with your little family.

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  1. I love how you mentioned about a makeover because seeing your hanging belly with weird stretch marks is devastating. And in the hustle of the new routine and the new being, you definitely forget yourself. One way to feel better would be to dress up and keep going. It gets better eventually. You need to hang in there. I have penned my personal experience too. You can have a look and we can share how it feels though! Much love


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