My 99p Summer

99p store logoThis Summer I have been taking part in the My 99p Summer challenge in association with 99p Stores, along with 50 other bloggers. We have each been given £10 of vouchers to spend in store to see how creative we can get with our budget and how much summer fun we can have!

I was confident that we would be able to get quite a bit of fun out of our tenner, and after browsing the store I split the purchases into three categories to cover all the main bases of summer fun.

Outdoor Fun

IMG_8901In this category I have included:

  • Skipping rope
  • Ice cubes – to use for sensory play activities with ice
  • Chalk

The skipping rope is a very cute animal design and great for 99p! This is great for simple traditional outdoors fun.

Ice is always great for adding more interest to sensory play ideas, especially on cold days its a great texture and temperature to explore. You can see a previous sensory play with ice post here about our polar theme activity.

I also have an idea about making some candy crush themed jelly cubes for Mr Z, with the ice cube tray – If this turns out well I will post the pictures!

Chalk is also a brilliant simple activity for passing the time in the summer holidays. The boys have really enjoyed doing chalk in our back garden, you can read all about that here.

chalkcollage3But sadly not every day is guarenteed sunny and warm over the Summer! Which is why I had to include my next category..

Rainy Day Fun

IMG_8902In this category I included:

  • 48 piece Cars 2 Finn McMissile puzzle
  • Pad of tracing paper
  • Early readers book – Aladdin

These are all really good for 99p each! There are plenty of books, sticker and colouring packs, puzzles and craft kits in store so there will always be something to appeal to the age and interests of your child.

Picnic Fun

Summer is not really complete without a picnic, and my boys love to have picnics in the back garden, so I thought I would buy them a couple of picnic treats as a part of our 99p summer.

IMG_8900I chose:

  • A picnic tray, handy to take their drinks and snacks out to them while playing in the garden!
  • Cool Crush juice drinks – This was a 4 pack for 99p. I always find this kind of sports bottle format quite handy for the kids and they like the taste.
  • Walkers Hoops and Crosses crisps. We had tried these through tots100 not long ago and reviewed them here so it was a great bargain to pick up a multipack (6 packets) in the 99p store.
  • Family size multipack of Jammy Dodgers. These are our favourite biscuits and are a real treat for a kids picnic so I was happy to see such a good value pack, and had to pick it up for our picnics.

Not bad for under a tenner for the lot.

What would you buy for your 99p summer? Let me know in the comments.

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