8 Tricks For Wordle Game Enthusiasts

If you are an active social media user, you may have noticed how Wordle has become extremely famous. In fact, it has slowly become a part of our daily lives somehow! 

Now, playing Wordle is an easy task – until you’ve just got one guess left. This article will talk about eight excellent tips to help you win at Wordle!

What Is Wordle?

As the name suggests, Wordle is a word-guessing game currently owned by the New York Times. A five-lettered new word is generated every day, and the players have to guess the word in six trials. 

If you’re lucky, you may guess the word on the first go! However, at times, you’ll only have one guess left. 

8 Ways to Ace Your Wordle Game

  1. Take Care of the First Guess

You would not want to miss out on any guesses when it comes to Wordle, including the first one. So, whenever you’re guessing a word for the first time, always go for the one having plenty of vowels. You should also avoid words with awkward letters like Z or X, as they’re not common in five-lettered words.

Additionally, also try to avoid words containing repetitive letters. Remember that you’re trying to get the most of the letters in the first guess itself! 

  1. Remember That a Letter Can Repeat 

Some of the most difficult words to guess include the ones that contain the same letter twice. After all, remember the outrage on Twitter when the word of the day was knoll

Therefore, don’t forget that sometimes a letter can repeat. So, don’t discard any letter entirely if you cannot guess the word. Instead, try to think if there is a letter that can repeat in the word. 

  1. Use a Word Finder

If you don’t mind a little help, you can search for five-lettered words. You can search on Google for five-lettered words containing specific letters. Moreover, there are a few tools, too, such as the Wordle Word Finder

You need to let the tool know of the letters present in green and yellow tiles. Then, search for the word. Once you’re done, simply click on ‘Search’ to get the list of possible options!

  1. Never Use Greyed Out Letters 

Many of us make a mistake: Use greyed-out letters accidentally even when we know they’re not a part of the word! 

So, if you have got a word in your mind containing greyed-out letters, try to rethink. Go for a word that hasn’t yet covered the other letters, or reposition the yellow letters to find their actual positions. 

In short, stay clear of greyed-out letters to avoid wasting a guess!

  1. Prevent Using Yellow-Tile Letters In The Same Place As Before 

Another mistake many Wordle amateurs make is using the yellow-tile letters in the same place as before. This mistake can cost you a guess again! Instead, try out different combinations with the yellow-tile letters. 

You can also try to place them in the first or last position as there’s a high probability that they belong there.

  1. Guess Two Different Words In First Two Guesses

One of the best ways to win at Wordle is collecting all the letters you need to form the word. Hence, ensure that you use two entirely different words, with no similar letters, in the first two guesses whenever you’re playing Wordle. This way, you can collect many probable letters that can help you get an idea about the final word. 

On the other hand, if you use words with similar letters, you may not be able to collect enough letters to guess the word. 

  1. Use a Pen and Paper! 

Often, pen and paper can come to your rescue if you’re feeling stuck. You need to write down the letters you’ve guessed right, letters that are not yet appropriately positioned, and the remaining ones. 

Then, try out the guessing strategy. Put in the letters that you feel can fit into the context. You can also try the elimination strategy by eliminating letters that don’t seem to go with the other letters. 

In all, pen and paper can provide you with a better guessing power. 

  1. Try The Hard Mode

Did you know that there is a hard mode present within Wordle as well? In this mode, you will have to use all the green and yellow-tile letters in the subsequent guesses compulsorily. 

You can try playing in the hard mode to become better at Wordle due to the restricted freedom in guessing the words. 

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Wordle is a fun game that tests the guessing power and strategic thinking of a player. Moreover, you can totally make more out of your Wordle game by following these tips and tricks. 

So, the next time you’re playing Wordle, keep these eight tips in mind and get your best winning streak!

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