5 Ways to Encourage a Love of Music in Children 

We all want our kids to be the next Mozart or Yo-Yo Ma, but you don’t have to be a prodigy to enjoy life-long benefits from a love of music. You might not have a lot in common with your kids’ musical tastes. And you might jump off a building if you have to hear Baby Shark one more time. But that’s ok! Building a love of music happens slowly, and it’s much more social than you think. Teaching children to appreciate music is something you can do together. Build this bond with your kids and you’ll share it for the rest of your lives! 

1. Share a Pair of Headphones

One of the best ways to get kids into music is to teach them that music isn’t just something that comes from their phones and tablets. It’s something that they can enjoy with a pair of headphones that you use only for music appreciation. Getting a decent pair of earbuds will teach kids that certain sounds, and certain music, are different from others and deserve more appreciation. This is a good way to get them to differentiate between kids’ music from YouTube and Netflix and your adult music. This will also teach children to associate music with some responsibility and value. They’ll be more likely to see it as a skill to cultivate than as a pastime. You’ll want to get a pretty good pair of headphones, but you shouldn’t spend too much on something that might get damaged. 

That’s why I recommend Mobi Earbuds. Here’s what I like about them:

  • They’re basically kid-proof: Mobi are waterproof, shockproof and sealed to prevent damage from debris. The carrying case is also waterproof and reinforced, so these headphones can handle more than a few tumbles. 
  • They protect kids’ ears: Mobi have very advanced noise-cancelling technology that cancels the full range of audio frequency. That means children can listen at low volumes that are safe for their ears while enjoying all the complexities of the music.  
  • They sound great: Mobi’s speakers are oversized, so they sound bigger and bolder than other tinny earbud speakers. With the ANC active, your music sounds like it’s all around you. 
  • They only cost about £60: You can’t beat this price for a pair of premium earbuds. 

Mobi were practically made for sharing with your kids. And they’re so cheap that it won’t be a tragedy if someone feeds an earbud to the dog. However, you’ll want to order your pair soon, as the £60 price is a sale price. You can order your Mobi Earbuds here.

2. Describe Music Together (Mindful Listening)

Mindfulness is growing in popularity among families, and you can practice it while listening to music too. To listen mindfully, ask your children what parts of the music they like and which they don’t. Ask which parts make them feel excited or sad or happy. Ask why and get them to elaborate. Next, ask them what instruments are playing and which ones they like. If they like the guitar, you can pull up a guitar solo on Youtube to show them what playing the guitar looks like. When children listen mindfully, they begin to appreciate music more (this is true for adults too!). This will lead them to explore more songs and to begin listening to more complex music. Before long, Baby Shark might fade into the horizon! Bon voyage!

3. Attend Performances and Gigs

This isn’t exactly a pandemic-friendly idea, but hopefully, you’ll be able to attend live music events again soon! Do you remember seeing your first musical performance as a child? It was probably a memorable and magical experience. Many children are inspired to learn a musical instrument after seeing just one gig. You can’t deny the electric energy of a live show. To children, it’s even more intense. The attraction to live music is so strong that most children will love a band once they’ve seen them live, even if they previously couldn’t be bothered to listen to their music at home.

4. Sing and Dance

Disclaimer: If your children are already teenagers, this probably won’t work! If your kids are young, they’ll absolutely love singing and dancing to ANY music with you. They can’t help but move to the music they love, and when they see that you’re moving too, they’ll get even more inspired. Singing is also a wonderful habit to encourage in your home. When children feel like they can sing, they’ll be more likely to express themselves healthily and more likely to live rich, music-filled lives.

5. Learn an Instrument 

We couldn’t finish this list without the most obvious tip. Teach your child to play an instrument! Most children only have access to learning an instrument in school, and this might not be until they’re already 10 or older. This leaves plenty of time to learn, but it’s also quite late. If you start your child learning an instrument as a toddler, they’ll learn it as if it was a second language. It can actually change their brain structure, making them more intelligent and creative. If you don’t have the cash to buy a grand piano, you can start your kids on a cheap keyboard or even a recorder. The instrument isn’t important. What’s crucial is learning melody, rhythm and creativity.

Start Your Musical Journey Today

Some of the tips on this list require nothing more than your body, your vocal cords and access to your favourite tunes. And you already have all of those things. So, why not get started on your musical journey today? Just remember, appreciating music takes time. And it’s a two-way street. If you want your toddler to listen to jazz, you’ll be more likely to get them to listen if you engage with their music too, whether it’s a TikTok jam, a cartoon theme song… or Baby Shark. In the end, your kids will appreciate music if you do too, and if you do it together. If you play an instrument, why not teach them a few notes? If not, grab a pair of Mobi Earbuds and start sharing your favourite bands with your little ones. 

Don’t forget to grab a pair while they’re still on sale for £60! You can learn more at mobiearbuds.com



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