5 Tips for Taking Your Baby Swimming

Swimming is a fun and great way for your baby to cool off, especially on hot summer days. For many parents, the idea of taking their baby swimming is a little intimidating. The truth is that it can be just as much fun for your baby!

Why babies should be allowed to experience swimming:

  1. Playtime
  2. Builds Confidence
  3. Physical Development

Whether you are at home, on the beach or in a public pool, there are many things to consider when taking your baby swimming. To make things even easier on you, we have compiled five tips to help get you started. 


Tip 1: Prepare

If you plan to take your baby swimming, you will want to start preparing in advance. You don’t want your baby to be uncomfortable while they learn how to swim. Make sure that the water is shallow and that there isn’t too much splashing. Allow them to get used to the temperature of the water as well.

Here is a list of the basics you should not forget to pack:

  • Swimming diapers – These are made to keep your baby as comfortable as possible while in water. They act just as well as regular diapers but are waterproof.
  • Sunscreen – Your baby is at risk of sunburn when you take them swimming on sunny days. You will want to keep your child protected with sun protection sprays or lotions that are safe for babies. You can use sunscreen on the parts of your child’s body that will be exposed to UV rays, such as their face, ears, and hands. 
  • Swimsuit and other swimming equipment (goggles, swimming shoes) – not only for the baby but also for yourself
  • Hooded or poncho towels – This type of towel helps prevent your child from catching a cold. If the weather is warm and sunny, most likely, you will opt to go home later. So a towel is vital for the baby.
  • Floaties -If you plan to take your baby swimming for the first time, consider using a floaty for extra support and security. Your baby will need this at first until they get used to the water and feel more confident about the environment around them.

Tip 2: Invest in Baby Swimming Classes

Baby swimming classes can be very beneficial for both you and your child. Your baby will learn the basics of water safety in a safe and fun environment while you get to know other parents. Look for a swim school that offers lessons designed for babies and young children, as these are less physically demanding than adult swimming classes. What’s also nice about baby swimming classes is that they are held in warm pools, which are safe for your baby.

Tip 3: Choose the Right Environment

If you plan to take your little one swimming at public pools or beaches, look out for overcrowding or unsafe conditions around the water. Try to find areas with minimal traffic, such as beaches away from docks, and bridges. It is also best if your baby has their own designated spot in the water where they can play and learn how to swim. 

Tip 4: Keep an Eye on Them at All Times

Even if you are immersed in a swimming pool full of babies, it is still vital that parents watch over their children closely at all times. This will ensure that your baby stays safe while learning to swim and reassures you that everything is okay. It would be best to avoid distractions such as talking with other people or using your mobile phone. It will allow you to pay more attention to the children around you, especially your little one. If you’re using your own pool, investing in a pool blanket can keep your pool area safer when the pool is not in use. 

Tip 5: Do Not Forget That Post-swimming Snacks are Important

Swimming can be a tiresome physical activity. After your baby has spent time in the water, it is crucial that you feed them nutritious meals and snacks to replenish lost energy. Having drinking water handy will also help prevent dehydration. Offer your child healthy snacks such as fresh fruits, vegetables, or yogurt with some honey for a treat. You might even consider offering small portions of their favorite food as part of a post-swimming snack. 

When it comes to taking your baby swimming, there are a few things you’ll want to do to make sure they have fun and are away from danger. Follow these five tips for a positive experience and make the most of this great opportunity with your little one!


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