5 Steps to Giving your Home a Flawless Exterior

We’d all like to think that our homes are perfect.  But somehow, with family life often taking over, maintenance jobs get put off and the gardening is ignored.  It can all add up.

So, how do you get back on track with the household maintenance jobs?  Check out this handy guide to home improvement, and you’ll soon be enjoying your home’s flawless exterior.

The Roof

We’ll start with the roof as this is the trickiest, and a common cause of problems such as blocked gutters and damp.  Survey the roof for signs of slipped or damaged tiles, as these will need attending to.  

If your roof is covered with moss and dirt, this can cause problems such as moving tiles and blocking gutters.  If this isn’t too bad you may be able to remove the debris yourself with a brush, but if not then you should call in the experts.  Remember, roof cleaning prices are less severe than the cost of bigger problems further down the line.  

The Front

Stand back from your house and take a good look at the front.  What do you see?  Are the window frames in good condition? Is the glass clean?  How does the front door look?  Could it do with a lick of paint or some TLC?

How does the condition of the brickwork or render appear?  Could it do with a little maintenance?  Anything big, such as cracks or loose mortar could be worth getting a builder in to assess.  However, smaller jobs such as fixing a wonky fence panel or painting a rusty gate are easy to do yourself.

Around the Back

It’s probably a good time to have a quick check of the rear of your property.  It’s easy to forget about maintenance on this part of the house.  But this is where problems with blocked drains, leaky flat roofs and poorly maintained conservatories arise.

Have a good survey of all those areas that get overlooked and nip any little issues in the bud.

The Garden

A quick tidy up of the garden can work wonders and you don’t need especially green fingers.  Just a quick prune and weed at regular intervals can be enough.

If you think a bit more colour would be nice, spruce the exterior up with hanging baskets or window boxes.

The Details

Finally, to give your home the flawless appeal you desire, get the little details right.  Adding a house name or number plate, and installing outside lighting make nice touches.  Think about adding new front door furniture and a welcome mat.


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