5 Red Flags That Should Make You Call A Plumber

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By Luciana Oliveira

If you wake up one day to find a burst pipe or no water pressure on your faucets, you’ll likely call a plumber right away.

However, not all plumbing issues have such an immediate and dramatic effect.

And as a result, it is not uncommon for homeowners to ignore clear plumbing red flags because they assume the problem is not a big deal.

This is a problem for many reasons, chief among them being that an ignored plumbing problem tends to get worse every time.

And by the time the issue is too big to ignore, it will also be much more expensive to fix.

If that sounds like a situation you’d like to avoid, here are some plumbing red flags you should keep an eye out for.

1 – Low water quality

Water coming from your faucets should always be clear, odorless, and flavorless. Any changes in that standard should be a cause for concern.

Finding your water to be cloudy or have a weird smell could be a sign that there are some pollutants caught in your pipes. Or there may be something wrong with your local water supply.

At any rate, changes in the quality of the water are a good reason to call for a professional inspection.

Just make sure to hire someone reliable; this guide written by a Denver plumbing repair company should help with that.

2 – Increase in water bills

A sudden upsurge in water consumption is usually a red flag, especially if there haven’t been any big changes in your household.

Leaks and hidden burst pipes can both lead to a lot of wasted water. And both can cause damage to the structures around it if they are not plugged.

Leaky faucets, showerheads, and toilets can all also increase water consumption, and it can be hard to spot the water leaks on those fixtures.

That is especially the case in toilets, where water leaking from the tank into the bowl can be impossible to spot without using something to dye the water in the tank.

3 – Weird sounds from pipes

Rattling sounds and clanking sounds coming from pipes can mean a lot of things, and most of them are not good.

If you notice a weird noise coming from one of your pipes and you haven’t gotten a plumber inspection in a while, that’s a good reason to schedule one. Especially if the house you’re living in is old or has a history of plumbing issues.

4 – Recurring clogs

A clogged drain or toilet is an inconvenience, but it can happen. Occasional clogs like that are usually no cause for concern.

However, if you find clogs happening several times a month or a week, that could be a sign of an underlying issue.

Especially if the drain in question is draining water slowly even when unclogged.

In cases like that, it’s a good idea to call a plumber so they can check if there is anything caught in the drain or the pipe below.

5 – Weird smells

Bad odors coming from drains or from beneath the house can be a sign that something is not right.

Depending on what is causing the problem, the bad odor may be intermittent, but it will often happen at regular intervals or around the same time every day.

Bad smells like that can be a sign that something is caught or leaking somewhere. And if that is the case, a plumber can help you identify and fix the issue.

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