5 Minute Halloween Lollies

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Halloween is a time for fun, and for lots of families it’s a time for sweets and Halloween candy so we decided to combine the two and create some fun 5 minute Halloween lollies. These would be perfect to add some personality at Halloween parties, or to hand out to trick or treaters.

Easy and cute 5 minute Halloween lollies, great for Halloween parties or to hand out to trick or treaters Today we’re taking part in a Twitter party to celebrate 40 years of Baker Ross, and in our party pack we were sent a huge tub of lollies in green, orange, red and purple (similar to this) which just happen to be perfect Halloween colours for decorating!

We decided to make:

  • Pumpkin lollies from the orange lollies
  • Witch lollies from the green lollies
  • Bat lollies from the purple lollies

You could use other colours like red or blue to make monster lollies, and black would work well for spider lollies.

To make the pumpkin lollies all you need is a black permanent marker pen. These are the quickest and easiest diy halloween lollies!

Simply take your permanent marker pen and draw a jack-o-lantern face onto your orange lolly. You can do lots of these in 5 minutes which is handy when you have a whole lot of them to make for party favours.

DIY Halloween lollies - decorate an orange lolly with black permanent marker to make a jack-o-lantern pumpkin face!

Leave the pen to dry to prevent smudging (we just left them over night, as they were not needed immediately), and ta-daaa.. pumpkin lollies. They are very simple but it definitely adds some extra Halloween fun and personality to the lolly.

Easy DIY halloween pumpkin lollipops

To make the bats and the witches, you need to cut some shapes from card and attach them to the lollies so these will take a couple of minutes longer for each lolly. We used plain black card for both the witches and the bats and cut out the shapes then attached with magic scotch tape (the invisible one)

Easy DIY witch lolly for Halloween

The witches hats are made from a long thing oval (kind of eye shaped), and then another of those shapes cut in half and added at the top for the point of the hat. You could also cut the whole hat into one piece. We were actually using spare cardboard that had been cut from some sun catchers we made so constructing the shape from two pieces worked better for us.

We just added a simple smiley face onto the witches face, again using the permanent marker. You could make them look a little more scary if you prefer. We like friendly 🙂



The bat wings are made from a semi circle shape with zig zag lines cut all along the bottom row. For this bat design you don’t really need to add any details with the permanent marker especially as the lolly colour is quite dark, it wouldn’t show up well.



We displayed them in a little pot which had been previously painted using Baker Ross glass paints (see this Eid glass lantern post for details on those). To make the lollies stand up in a pot, you can use some plasticine at the bottom. We used black to keep with the Halloween feel.

If you want some more healthy Halloween treats to go alongside these, then take a look at our spooky fruit display for some ideas.

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