11 Most Haunted Places in Liverpool

Liverpool: birthplace of The Beatles, Capital of Culture 2012 and one of the most aesthetic cities in the UK – but did you know it’s also home to some of the creepiest, most historic venues in the UK?

So, whether you’re after a ghostly pub crawl, or just fancy being a full-time creep, we’ve taken a look and here are some of the most haunted places in Liverpool to visit!

Haunted pubs in Liverpool

The Post Office Pub, Liverpool

the post office pub Liverpool haunted pub

Whilst The Postie might be a haunt for after-work drinks these days, legend has it that in 1902, The Post Office pub Liverpool was being run by a man called Thomas Henshaw and his wife Annie. When they took over the pub, they allegedly found a tiny room upstairs which was locked up and the keyhole was plugged with putty.

The old men who drank in The Postie warned the couple that the room shouldn’t ever be opened as it contained a terrifying spirit.

But, ignoring the rumour, one of Thomas’ old friends who was staying at the pub one night, unblocked the keyhole and looked in… only to see something which horrified him so deeply he never spoke sense again and was committed to a lunatic asylum.

Peter Kavagnah’s, Liverpool

Peter kavanagh's haunted pub in Liverpool

With spooky caricatures carved into benches, and all sorts of strange and unusual paraphernalia adorning the walls, it’s hardly surprising that the historic Peter Kavagnah’s is considered one of the most creepy pubs in Liverpool.

The story goes that a séance held in 1844 called a spirit called Marmaduke, (which sounds like a refugee from The Magic Roundabout) which still wanders through the walls to this day. Can’t say I’ve seen anything myself, but with doubles for dirt cheap it’s definitely worth visiting this quirky little Liverpool pub for a drink.  

Ye Hole in Ye Wall, Liverpool

ye hole in ye wall haunted pub in Liverpool

Along with approximately 73 other places in Liverpool, Ye Hole claims to be the oldest pub in town. But, while they all fight it out for the crown, let’s talk about ghosts. Apparently, Ye hole in Ye wall is haunted by an old man that is said to wreak havoc for punters trying to have a drink.

Believe it or not though, that’s not even the scariest thing about Ye Hole. It was also the last pub in Liverpool to allow women to drink there, waiting until 1977!!

The Philharmonic Dining Rooms, Liverpool

the philharmonic dining rooms Liverpool haunted place

The last haunted Liverpool pub on the list, but definitely not one to ignore, is the infamous Phil; renowned for being one of the most ornate places to drink in Liverpool. Back in the 1800’s it was a very upper class Gentleman’s Club, which explains the wood paneling, couches straight out of a porno and the famously lavish men’s toilets.

Other haunted places in Liverpool

If you want some Liverpool ghosts without the spirits, (excuse the pun) here are some other haunted places in Liverpool that are worth a visit if you’re into freaking yourself out:

St. James’ Cemetery, Liverpool

st james cemetery liverpool haunted cemetery

Under the Anglican Cathedral, (well worth a visit in its own right) you’ll find St. James’ Cemetery which opened in 1829 and contains over 57000 bodies. 

Literally everywhere you walk within the grounds is a grave, (nice) which has obviously led to a lot of ghostly rumours. The most common sighting is of William Huskisson, who is often seen leaving his grand mausoleum, wearing a top hat and walking with a limp.

The Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

the Adelphi hotel Liverpool haunted hotel

This hotel has stood on this site since 1826, so it’s hardly surprising that the building has its own share of resident spooks.

Guests who have stayed have often reported seeing the ghost of ‘George’ standing next to their bed on the fifth floor, (no info on whether he introduces himself by name but let’s neatly gloss over that.) who was believed to have been a guest who fell, jumped, or was pushed out of a window at the hotel in the 1920’s.

Some of the other big players who are said to haunt the Aldephi include a bell boy who was killed when he was caught between floors in the old lift, and a young woman with long black hair and weird ‘staring eyes’.

Penny Lane, Liverpool

penny lane liverpool
An original Penny Lane street sign, protected by perspex, is pictured on Penny Lane in Liverpool, north west England on June 12, 2020, after a wall and street signs were defaced with graffiti. – Road signs and a wall on Penny Lane, made famous by the The Beatles song of the same name, were defaced following speculation that the road had been named after the slave trader James Penny. Britain has seen days of protests sparked by the death in police custody of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in the United States. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Penny Lane is named after a Liverpool slave ship owner, which is obviously hugely problematic because it’s also been preserved in time by the famous song by The Beatles from 1967. But that’s the least of the famous street’s worries tbh, thanks to the Penny Lane poltergeist who spooks tourists while they get their Instagram shots

A little girl is said to be the resident spook causing the chaos, and she has sometimes been seen combing her long blonde hair in the top window of number 44.

Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool (probably the scariest of the haunted places in Liverpool)

newsham park hospital Liverpool haunted hospital

Newsham park is arguably the creepiest place to visit in the whole of Liverpool as the building itself was first an orphanage back in Victorian era, then it was a medical hospital and a mental asylum before closing in 1997.

Reports of haunted activity date way back to when a nurse working with patients in the hospital complained of ‘strange’ sightings and was later found dead on one of the wards. Since then, thousands of people have shared their spooky experiences at Newsham Park, including my own little mum who worked next door to the site in the 90’s at a care home.

One night shift, she walked downstairs to find a little girl rooting through the record box – as real as you and me – and she gasped and said ‘oh love what are you doing here let’s get you home’ and she vanished in front of her eyes.

Another former employee when Newsham Park was a hospital said;

“I remember going down into the basement to get a blanket one night. As I walked in I saw a man, in a white coat with no head walk past and straight through the wall. I flew out of the room, it was terrifying.

“Another time I was at reception and there used to be a stone staircase opposite. I looked up and saw woman in Victorian dress. She was there for a second and then disappeared.

“I found out that she was the old matron from when it used to be an orphanage.”

Speke Hall, Liverpool

Speke hall liverpool haunted

Built over 400 years ago in the Victorian era by the devoutly Catholic Norris family, Speke Hall is now a tourist trap for families looking to desperately insert a bit of culture into their kid’s weekend. But you might get more than you bargained for, because there’s apparently a whole entourage of Liverpool ghosts roaming the halls including a white lady, a Victorian gardener, a ghostly priest, and a werewolf-like beast.

There have also been loads of reports of footsteps in the upper corridors and the sound of kids crying, and if you’re thinking of paying Speke Hall a visit I should warn you about the nauseousness that a lot of punters claim to feel when they walk in.

Croxteth Hall, Liverpool

croxteth hall Liverpool

Croxteth hall hit headlines back in 2009 when CCTV footage showed an alleged ghost appearing from the bushes, moving along a path before disappearing. The building has been around since 1575 though, so who exactly the ghost was meant to be is still up for dispute.

Pickwick Street, Liverpool

pickwick street Liverpool

Last one the haunted places in Liverpool list isn’t really somewhere to actively visit, but if you’re driving through Toxteth you could spot something spooky in the windows of number 63 Pickwick Street, which is apparently home to a poltergeist from the 1800’s, who (allegedly) lifted a woman out of her bed as recently as the 80’s.

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