10 of the best affordable kids party gifts

Not sure how much you should spend on kids party gifts and gift bags? Don’t worry if you’re on a budget or have their whole school year coming to the party, buying party gifts that the little ones will love doesn’t have to be expensive. With the growing popularity of websites likeToys For a Pound, there are plenty of bargains to be had out there.

Here are 10 must-have gifts for your kids’ party.

1. Spider-Man Funko Mystery Minis

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? These Funko Mystery Minis feature superhero favourites, and supervillain favourites for some, from Marvel’s Spider-Man series. You’ll, of course, find Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider and Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man) inside. They’ll love the surprise element of which character they’ll get! Available from Toys for a Pound.

2. The Lion Guard Kion and Thor Plush backpacks

For just £2, these backpack bargains would make a great party bag itself. They’ll love the plush backpacks alone, particularly if your little one is a fan of The Lion Guard or Thor, but fill them up with more goodies and they’ll be a definite hit. Available from Toys for a Pound.

3. Peppa Pig Snap Bands

Snap-and-go… Peppa Pig fans will love this one! The snap bands feature Peppa Pig herself, and her brother George amongst other popular characters. There’s something for everyone in this assorted box, making them the perfect party bag filler. Available from Toys for a Pound.

4. Chupa Chups Lollipops

Don’t worry if you’re a health-conscious parent – we all are! But kids love a sweet treat at a party. A Chupa Chup Lollipop is the perfect way to treat them without going overboard – and they’re a bargain at just 18 pence each. Find them online here.

5. CyberPet

Remember when Tamagotchi’s were all the rage when you were a kid? Good news – they’re back! Give the gift of a cyber pet at your kids’ party and their friends will have 49 pets to choose from, meaning there’s sure to be something for everyone – all for just £1 each. Available from Toys for a Pound.

6. Spider-Man and Avengers Marvel cups with straws

Another one for the Marvel fans, your kids and their friends will love these Spider-Man and Avengers cups. We all know how much kids love to run around and it can be difficult to get them to stop for just one minute. These cups are a great way to ensure they stay hydrated at the party whilst still having fun! Available from Toys for a Pound.

7. Wooden Animal Pencils

If your kids love animals and love drawing, this is the perfect party gift bag filler for your child’s party. Each of these colourful pencils from Party Delights is topped with a wooden animal, and if you order more than one you’ll be sent an assortment of farm favourites.

8. Giant Bubble Wand

Ideal for summer or outdoor parties, these giant bubble wands are guaranteed to be loads of fun for the kids – and maybe the adults will want to get involved, too!

9. Crystal Bricks Mini Vehicle Building Bricks Set

Unleash their inner-creativity with this crystal bricks building bricks set, They’ll love the puzzle of putting together the different 37+ piece vehicles. With helicopters, motorbikes, jet fighters and battleships available, it’ll keep them occupied for hours.

10. Star Wars, Disney Cars or My Little Pony Blind Bags

With so many themes to choose from and a bunch of mystery characters waiting inside, bling bags are another way to add a mystery element to your kids’ party gifts. These little collectibles are a must-have amongst kids at the minute and they’re an absolute bargain at just £1 each. Available from Toys for a Pound.

There you have it, shopping for kids’ party gifts doesn’t have to be expensive. With so many options under £2, your kids party will be a success for less!

For more toys priced at £1, check out the website here.

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