10 Best Gifts For Busy Mums That They’ll Actually Use

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By Luciana Oliveira

Childbirth is something to be celebrated. Not just for the parents and immediate family but also for friends, relatives, and community members who share some ties with the family.

Besides congratulatory messages and wishes, it is traditional to give gifts, especially during a baby shower. Baby gifts are generally similar worldwide, with a few differences based on cultural differences.

Choosing the right gift for new mums could be tricky; most people want to give something useful but unique, and items that solve some problem and provide value.

If you are considering buying baby gifts for a new mum, especially a busy one, you should go for items that magnify efforts, improve efficiency, and save time. Here are five categories of gifts to consider.

Baby Gifts And Personal Items

Several gifts are great for busy mums to manage their time better while caring for their babies. Some of these personal gifts are:

  • Baby toys: most babies from three months old develop senses and interact with toys, especially rattles and others that make sounds. As babies grow older, they pay more attention to toys and spend more time playing, and that’s when mums can get more time off babying them. Find toys appropriate for the baby’s age and give them to the mum.
  • Easy wear sandals and sneakers: new mums often dash out for supplies. Sometimes, they need to get things fast, almost like an emergency. Gifting a pair of easy-wear slippers or sneakers is a thoughtful way to celebrate the new mum. On her next run, she won’t spend so much time getting laces done before dashing it. Sneakers and sandals are also light, meaning less stress on their feet.
  • Trendy mum gowns: new mums are never too busy for some fashion. You could give a mum some trendy mum gowns designed for new mums. Mum’s gowns are cute, easy, and allow free movement.
  • Tote bags: super busy new mums have a lot to deal with, especially when they go out. With a tote bag, mums can carry their laptops, baby supplies, purse, and other items they need outside. Tote bags are comfortable and stylish and help busy mums become more efficient.
  • Skincare gift box: new mums sometimes ignore their skincare routine for several reasons. But you can help them regain that spark by gifting a skincare gift box. Go for their favourite brand for deep skin cleanser, moisturiser, facemask, and scrub.

If you are unsure about sizes and personal preferences, you can ask the giftee for information or pay your local store to call in, get the information, and send the gift.

Kitchen And Household Equipment

Keeping up with chores and childcare can be challenging, especially when there’s no support or babysitter to relieve some pressure.

It would help if you considered gifting them something that is not only useful, but can actually save them time. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • Pizza Ovens are excellent for cooking foods such as pizza and lamb roasts. You could go one step further with this and invest in an outdoor pizza oven, which could be more fun. An outdoor pizza oven by Ooni is helpful for preparing many pizzas and other foods for small gatherings. These pizza ovens are highly efficient with being portable and can cook quickly, and would be a welcome addition to any household and garden.
  • Rice cookers are essential in modern homes that eat rice. With a rice cooker, busy mums can prepare meals for themselves without the risk of getting food burnt. You’ll get rice cookers in most local stores or online.
  • Kitchen gloves and aprons help prevent kitchen dirt from reaching clothes or the body. Busy mums may sometimes move from the kitchen to cradle their babies; there’s often little time to wash off the dirt. Kitchen gloves and aprons protect mums from the kitchen and reduce the time spent on cleaning.
  • Auto stirrers and whiskers save time and energy. Making certain things, such as cakes, requires whisking and stirring, which take considerable time. An auto device makes it faster and easier so busy mums can do other things.
  • An automatic juicer makes juicing easier today. New mums need to eat natural foods and fruits, especially if they breastfeed their babies. With an automatic juicer, your giftee can quickly make fresh juice while saving strength.
  • Dishwashers are practical and popular in most homes. You can give a new mum a dishwasher for a baby shower.

These home and kitchen equipment are found in most homes, but you can give them as gifts.

Entertainment And Self-Help

Although babies are cute and bring happiness to parents, new mums soon find that they need some form of entertainment and assistance to relax.

Entertainment also becomes necessary when babies are growing, keeping them busy while their mums tackle other chores. Here are some ideas for entertainment gifts:

  • Wireless headsets or mobile speakers are trendy and quite effective at personalising entertainment. Mums deserve to listen to their favourite songs as their babies rest in their arms. A wireless music device is perfect for that. You could go further to curate a playlist of their favourite songs or new songs that you think they’ll love. Songs are powerful and could be the missing key in helping busy mums relax.
  • Baby cartoons: as babies grow older, they become quite the handful to watch. Your gift of baby cartoons could help mums keep their babies occupied so they have some time for other things. There are affordable kids’ tablets for as low as £50.
  • Self-help devices such as thermometers, schedulers, and timers are useful to new mums. Babies sometimes need medication which busy mums could easily forget. With a scheduler, they can set up reminders to help them give the medication right.
  • Other self-help devices such as electric hair brushes, portable steam irons, and vacuum cleaners reduce time spent on certain tasks so busy mums can have enough time to rest.

These items are practical, and your gift will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Monetary Gifts

Sometimes, monetary gifts are better than most items that you think of. Why? Mums can exchange cash for goods and services that they do need.

For example, a cash gift of £200 could help busy mums hire babysitters or domestic assistants for longer than they budgeted. With the increasing cost of living, new mums will appreciate feeling pampered.

You can also give them unused discount codes and vouchers if you have some. Check for transferable loyalty points or find some new mum discount sale and help them get it.

Smart Devices

Smart devices such as voice assistants are making life easier. For instance, one could turn off lights, shut windows, and draw down blinds with a simple voice command in smart homes.

Busy mums need smart devices that improve their efficiency and make mothering easier. 

You can give them motion sensors that alert them when babies move or voice-activated assistants devices such as Amazon’s Alexa Echo automotive device. GPS tags, air purifiers, and instant cameras are great gifts.

GPS tags, for example, are portable and effective for helping busy people track things such as car keys. You can help mums save time spent looking for items around the house.

You could also personalise a pouch or case for their smart devices, phones, or laptops. If you are unsure about a suitable smart device to gift, ask the giftee or hire a gifts curator to handle it.

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