How to Hold a World Cup Final Party

How to Hold a World Cup Final Party

With the World Cup in full swing and not long left now until the final, some of you may be thinking of having a party to celebrate the final, even if your team isn’t involved. If you’re a football fan then there really is no better spectacle, and even if you’re not a fan, it’s a perfect excuse to have a party!

Here are a few tips on how to throw an amazing World Cup party…

How to hold an amazing world cup final party

Get kitted out

You’ll want to show the cultural diversity of the World Cup, so get everyone to wear football shirts from various countries involved in the tournament. You don’t have to go spending £60 on the new Brazil shirt; you can find some cheap classic football jerseys here for a fraction of the price. If you wanted to go the extra mile then you could even have a fancy dress theme of the different footballing countries. We got the boys Ireland football shirts, even though Ireland didn’t qualify for the World Cup this year. My family are originally from Ireland so I thought it would be nice, and they love their football shirts!

Ireland football tops


As well as getting people to dress up, putting up decorations around the house and garden is also a great idea for creating a party atmosphere. Flags and bunting would work very well, whilst you could dress the house up in a Brazilian, samba-style to reflect where the World Cup is being held. Some attractive lighting would also look great, particularly around the garden if you have one. Lights4Fun have loads of different types of lights that would really add to the atmosphere.

We have flags of the world bunting to decorate our garden to celebrate the international nature of the world cup. It’s always a great time to bring in a little geography and awareness of other countries for the children!


We made our own flags out of Duck tape too for some of the countries we have been supporting.


See our tutorial on how to make world flags with Duck Tape to have a go for yourself, it’s a simple fun activity for the kids.

We also made football shooters and football goals with Duck Tape as a fun world cup activity. Depending on the ages of the children at your world cup party you could set up a crafts table for them to have a go.

Food and drink

The most obvious way to feed and water your guests is to have a BBQ or a buffet, which is absolutely fine, but, again, why not try and make the food and drink you serve a little more representative of the countries on show at the World Cup. For example, you could have food from Mexico, Italy, Japan, Germany, etc. As for drinks, again you can get them from all over the world, although cocktails are always a good idea.

We tried some of the new Brazilian Zesty Chili Pringles which are perfect for a World cup theme, with the games being hosted in Brazil this year. These are delicious, we loved the flavour of them and they did not last too long so you might want to stock up on quite a few packets if you have plenty of guests around as I’m sure they would prove popular. pringles1They are great for sharing and snacking, and are available exclusively at Asda for a limited time only

limited edition brazil world cup pringles

Rebecca from Here Come the Girls also held a World Cup party and had some brilliant creative food like a football pinata cake! See her full post for all her food and decoration ideas

There are some more great ideas over at Multicultural Kid Blogs too

Football games

It wouldn’t be a World Cup party if you didn’t have some kind of football related games. If you have a big garden then you could have your own penalty shoot-out or game of Brazil-style head tennis. You could also make up a world cup themed quiz to test the children on their football and their geography knowledge. If you have the world flag bunting you can incorporate geography and gross motor by playing “run to the flag” – you name a country, and the children have run to the correct flag. Simple but fun!

You could award the winner with a special World Cup Trophy like this one made by ET Speaks from Home


It shouldn’t be too difficult to get together plenty of music to help get your World Cup party going. You could get music from all around the world, although you might struggle to find some tunes from Honduras or Uruguay. Brazilian or Latin music is probably the most appropriate choice and is perfect for creating a party atmosphere.

And of course your world cup party wouldn’t be complete without a vuvuzela!

world cup vuvuzelaPost written in collaboration between In The Playroom and guest contributors


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