World Cup Crafts – Duck Tape Flags

We’ve been taking part in a challenge with Duck Tape to make some World Cup crafts, alongside 7 other bloggers and their children. Each of us has been assigned some teams, and ours is Group A including Brazil, Cameroon, Mexico and Croatia.

This is a great opportunity to introduce the boys to more flags of the world, as they weren’t so familiar with all of these countries. We looked at each flag and talked about the colours in each one, then made our own versions by sticking strips of duck tape on paper. Some of our flags are simplified versions; the boys are not quite up to making a detailed eagle out of Duck tape just yet!

world cup crafts - making flags of the world with Duck TapeThis is the first time we’ve tried using Duck Tape, although I’ve heard so much about it. It is way stickier than masking tape or even cellotape, and the bright colours are great! This was a pretty simple craft for our first attempt, although we have been busy making a few more things since (I’ll share those with you soon!)


Here are our flags. See how they compare to the originals


duck tape brazil flag for the world cup


brazil flag


duck tape flag of croatia world cup craft


duck tape cameroon flag world cup craft

flag of cameroon


duck tape flag of mexico world cup craft

flag of mexico


We also tried making Pom Poms which was fun but did not turn out completely right, so we may need to give these another try. They just seem to be a little flat and lacking a bit of volume. The boys did enjoy waving them around though! Here’s one made with the colours of the Brazilian flag, since they are the host for the World Cup.

duck tape pom poms


This is the duck tape pom pom tutorial that we used. If you give it a go, maybe yours will come out slightly better. Share a picture over on my Facebook page if they do!

Mr R has found that his Duck tape flags also double up nicely as a hat! 🙂

duck tape flag hat


What do you think? Look out for some more Duck tape World Cup crafts here soon! 

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  1. Lucas says – AWESOME!!!!!! Shame that we’re not coming home with anything (BBOOOOOOO!!) but these flags cheered me up 🙂
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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