World Book Day Star Wars Books Review & Giveaway

This World Book Day, Star Wars fans will be happy to find that there’s a special Star Wars World Book Day title that you can buy with your World Book Day token from school!

There are also lots of other brilliant Star Wars themed books, so if your kids are interested in Star Wars then this is a great way to draw them into reading. With World Book Day coming up this week, I’m sharing a super easy last minute Star Wars costume idea, as well as showing you some of the Star Wars books that we’ve been trying – and one lucky winner will win a set of 3 Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space books for their family.

StarWars Adventures In Space series, and world book day special book

The world book day title, The Escape: A World Book Day title (Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space) is a slightly shorter chapter book with 6 chapters, introducing the characters Lina and Milo who feature in the Adventures in Wild Space series. There’s also a new Droid and a new villain! I think it’s great that these books bring out a new story and new characters, rather than simply being a re-telling of the stories in the previous movies.

You can swap your World Book Day token for the Star Wars Book at any book shop, or order it online via the link above for just £1.

If your child enjoys the world book day special book, the other longer books available in the series are:

The Nest (Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space)

The Snare (Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space)

All three of these books are set in the time between Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope.

These books are great for fairly confident readers of around 7 years old and above. The books do have a few pictures interspersed to break up the text, and are great for this age group as they not too challenging but also not babyish at all.

star wars world book day book

Younger children can also enjoy these as a bed time story with mum or dad reading a chapter or two to them each day and hopefully it will fuel their interest so that they will be keen to get reading books like these as soon as they are able!

We also received a couple of great creative and fun books that are suitable for all ages:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Colouring Book

Star Wars: Rebellion Tin (Star Wars tin 1)

These colouring and activity books are always a big hit in our house, especially with my 6 year old who has got through so many Star Wars colouring books in the last year! This new Star Wars colouring book also includes new characters and ships, which is great.

starwars colouring book

I find these type of books always make good presents too, especially the tin set which is really lovely.

star wars activity books tin

Last Minute Costume Inspiration

We used a Star Wars hoodie that we already had, and a adapted it into a full Darth Vader costume which R loves to wear and play pretend. With the addition of black dress up trousers which we borrowed from another ninja costume (if you don’t have a pair of these, use black joggers!) and of course a light sabre, the hoodie easily transformed into a full on Star Wars costume. If you don’t have a ready made Star Wars hoodie, you could use a black hoodie and sew or stick on some of the details for the same effect and combine it with face paint or a mask to complete the costume.

last minute darth vader costume, easy star wars costume idea for world book day


For your chance to be the lucky winner of a set of 3 Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space books, enter via the Gleam widget below.

Star Wars World Book Day

Good luck!

For another chance to win, make sure to enter with Over 40 and a mum to one tomorrow, as she will be continuing on this Star Wars World Book Day blog tour!

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59 thoughts on “World Book Day Star Wars Books Review & Giveaway”

  1. I made a darth vadar outfit out of an old black sheet, some tin foil and some junk modelling bit to complete it x

  2. My nephew made a stormtrooper mask with a bit of paper and elastic to hold it on his head. Creativity at its best.

  3. I haven’t made any Star Wars costumes but we’ve bought my son an Ezra Bridger outfit and a Rebel Pilot outfit.

  4. The books sound incredible. We soak up anything Star Wars in our house like a galactic sponge 😉 Unfortunately costume wise the best we’ve come up with is Jedi cloaks using old blankets…he..he! x

  5. The books look great. My little girl really wants a Darth Vadar Princess Dress. I think I’ll have to concoct one somehow for her birthday!

  6. My daughter loves star wars, she has been introduced to it by her dad and grandad and she would love to add these to her growing book collection x

  7. love them books we love star wars in this house, I named my son after Luke Skywaker and put together a jedi costume for him to wear

  8. we made Leia Hair out of bagels stuck on a headband! and made an outfit from an old sheet – my daughter won the prize for best outfit !!

  9. My husband made sure our four kids were all Star Wars fans, I like the early films, but not the later ones! My youngest daughter loves the Ewoks though, so we did try to make her up as an Ewok for May the 4th (Star Wars Day!) and it looked awful lol. She looked like a ball of fluff! This would be great!xxx

  10. my son kian has many star wars costumes and has loves star wars for many tears.he has darth vader and luke skywalker costumes and he has a storm trooper one as well

  11. I havent made any star wars costumes however I did once dress up as a Klingon – looking back it prob wasn’t the best costume for a massive school party haha noone knew who I was or what I was everyone else was in 80s or cat costumes


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