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wordsearchjuniorboxWordsearch Junior is a brilliant game from Drumond Park. We have tried out a couple of Drumond Park games recently (Doh Nutters and Dinobite) and although all of them are great fun, this is my favourite so far. With 3 different levels of play there is hours and hours of fun here and I love how much learning is involved while they are playing.

Wordsearch Junior, as the name suggests, involves picking out certain words from amongst a grid of letters. This helps to sharpen up observation, concentration and spelling skills but as it is in a competitive game format none of that felt like work to the children!

The game includes a board with spinner, 4 sets of coloured counters, and 9 double sided game disks (so 18 disks overall!) The disks are split into Blue, Red, Green for varying levels of difficulty. This is great as the blue level is suitable for pre-readers who do not yet recognise their letters, and this made the game accessible for Mr T (nearly 4) as well as Mr Z. This blue level involves recognising patterns which is a useful skill to help littler ones at the start of their reading journey. Red is the next step up, where the word is written but with a picture at the front to give children a hint and make it much easier for them to manage, while still reinforcing the words and letters. The green level is for those who are able to read, and is the most like a traditional wordsearch. This is the level that Mr Z (5) plays if Mr T is not joining us in the game.

I think the recommended age of 4+ for this game is spot on, and if you got the game for a child of just 4 then they will get years of use out of it as they progress through the different stages!


The boys both really enjoyed the game and all the pieces are very good quality too. It is a well made game which feels like it will last really well. To read the full rules of the game you can get more info on the Drumond Park website and if you would like to win your own enter via the Rafflecopter below. It would be an ideal family game for over the Christmas holidays πŸ™‚
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55 thoughts on “Wordsearch Junior Review & Giveaway”

  1. Nice idea, the various levels allowing the children to progress. Getting lots of fun and use from the game, a great benefit for a young family.

  2. I love the look of this game. I used to love doing word searches when I was younger so we would all have lots of fun with this πŸ™‚

  3. blue for me twins although one will move on quicker than the other, it will be interesting to see who moves quicker though as ones more advanced in many things but the other is advanced in others. Bless Them xxx


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