Who Do I Need to Notify When Moving House? (Your Handy Moving Checklist!)

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The day has come and you’ve finally moved into your new home! Congratulations! Stick the kettle on, put your feet up, look around and appreciate your new abode. Of course, there is still a fair amount of life admin to do to get everything up to date, but we are here to help with this handy checklist for moving home (UK based)

Where to Change Your Address When Moving House?

There are so many things to sort out when moving into a new house, from decorating your bathroom to renovating the kitchen, to sorting out new schools for the children if you’ve moved out of the area.

But in this blog post we will focus on who do you need to notify when moving house? Where do you need to change your address or update your details?

There can be lots of people to inform from your utilities to the TV license and it’s easy to miss one – so work your way through our handy checklist just to be sure.

Royal mail postal redirect

Royal Mail postal redirect

This is such a handy service as you can rest assured your post will still reach you while the redirect is in place. Also, when you see what has been redirected it will serve as a reminder to contact those companies and amend your address. 

You can set this up to redirect your mail for 3, 6 or 12 months depending which you prefer.

Be aware this is for post sent via Royal Mail only so if you have regular packages from other companies like Hermes or DPD or Yodel, you need to update your details separately.


driving license dvla

Update your address and get a new driving licence as soon as possible. Having an incorrect address on your driving licence can attract a hefty fine.

The V5C vehicle log book also needs to be updated, with fines of up to £1000 payable if you forget, so tick this one off your list as soon as possible.

Vehicle breakdown cover will also need to be updated.


credit cards

You will need to update your address details on all of your financial information. Check through the following and make a note of the ones which apply so that you can update as required

  • Banks
  • Credit cards
  • Personal loans
  • Car finance or car leasing companies
  • Premium bonds
  • Savings accounts
  • Student loan company if applicable

All of these financial matters need to be kept up to date. This one goes without saying but is very important for your credit record as well as keeping your details safe from fraud.

Pension company 

Whether you have to do this yourself or ask the HR department at your work to handle it, it’s important to make sure your details are up to date with your pension company.


Your employer will need to know your new address too! If you are registered with any professional body for work purposes, informing them should also be added to your to do list.



You won’t get away from the tax man that easily!! So update your address details with HMRC to avoid any stress or missed communications later down the line.

Electoral roll

Don’t miss out when election time comes around and updating this will also help keep your credit score in good shape.

Department of Work and Pensions 

This is relevant if you’re receiving any government benefits, or even if you receive child maintenance through the Child Maintenance service.

Online shopping

Update your address on all of your online shopping sites such as Amazon, especially if you use buy it now without manually checking out!

Once your order has been dispatched to the old address it will be too late to change it, and this can result in your missing out on your items, sometimes without even being able to get a refund.

update your address for online shopping

Council Services

Of course you need to update your address details for your council tax. Cancel the old one and register at your new address to make sure you are paying council tax for the correct property.

You may also want to get in touch with the council recycling services in case you need to request extra recycling supplies for your new house, as this can vary by area.


Update your address details with the following utilities when moving house

  • Water
  • Gas and electricity

Don’t forget to take your moving day meter readings at both the old and new properties.

utility bill change of address

Utility bills are often used as a proof of address too, so you will need this updated and kept handy.

Mobile phone provider 

You will also need to update your details with your mobile phone provider and any other similar contracts such as any iPads with data plans, as well as sorting out a new internet contract for your property and having internet installed if needed.

TV licence 

You can move your TV licence over to your new address but you’ll need to contact them to let them know.


You need to update your details with the doctors and if you’ve moved out the area, you may need to register for a whole new doctors surgery. You can check on most GP surgery websites whether they accept patients from your new postcode, to find out where best to register.

Update your address details with the doctor, dentist, opticians and if you’ve any precious pets then also the vet.

 If you’ve moved to a new area you will need to re-register with all of these. Otherwise if you are moving locally and staying with the same ones, just let them know your new address.

update address at the doctor

Children’s schools

Maybe you’ve arranged new schools for the children if moving slightly further away, but if not then you still need to let their current school know of their new address.

If you are moving schools and looking for an in-year transfer, you normally need to apply for this via the council. You may need to fill out a form online, just like the one you did when you applied for schools to start reception, or for high schools.

You should be able to chose a few options, and normally the council can let you know whether there are spaces available at your chosen schools before you even fill the form.

The exception is religious schools or private schools who may handle their own admissions, independently of the council.


You will need home insurance for your new home, and don’t forget to update your address with any other insurance providers such as

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • And any others!

It is possible that an additional premium may be payable for some policies if your new address is deemed riskier. 

Recreational activities

Update your details at the gym and any clubs which you attend. Don’t forget the kids clubs and activities too. 

Newspaper or magazine subscriptions

Don’t miss out on your reading material or waste money treating your old house’s new occupants to your beloved Take a Break. Just get your address updated! 


Home services 

Make sure your cleaner, gardener, window and gutter cleaner or any other home service providers don’t turn up at your old home once you’ve gone!

Just make sure to let them know you’re moving. 

Store Loyalty Cards 

I’m sure the new occupier of your old home would love some free nectar points and Tesco vouchers but for completeness make sure you change your address and get them redirected to your new home. 

This is especially important for any store cards which have a credit facility, to reduce opportunity for fraud.

Friends and Family

And finally… Don’t forget to tell your friends and family.

Let’s be honest we all love a mystery Christmas card but when the new owner of your old house has received greetings from Janice and Grahame for the fifth year running they will really start to wonder why you didn’t just let them know you were moving! 

Phew! After all that it’s time for another cuppa

moving house moving boxes

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Where to change your address when moving house, a free checklist

Good luck, and happy house moving!

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  1. Internet, Sky TV and House Insurance should be done prior to moving.
    To add to your list, we have the house alarm company and plumbing & drainage insurance to notify.
    We are moving in about 4 weeks! Eeek!


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