What are the Best Multi-purpose Garden Tools for the Summer

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We’re now in the midst of spring, as the weather continues to get warmer and the sun continues to shine. This is the ideal time to get out into the garden, as you look to prepare the space for the summer and transform it into an attractive hub that’s ideal for entertaining. If you have not got any garden tools yet, check out the awesome tool reviews from BestofTools. They cover the basics on how to operated and safety tips when using machines.

We already know that a well-kept garden can add around 20% onto the value of your home, while experts are now saying that certain types of trees commonly found in the UK could well be worth a great deal of money.

In this post, we’ll consider three of the best multi-purpose garden tools for the summer, whilst asking why they offer so much value to home-owners.

  1. A Garden Trolley

If you’re preparing for some genuine hard labour in the garden, you’ll need to ease the burden of transferring slabs, compost or cement from one area to another. Otherwise, you’ll put a tremendous strain on your back and make time-consuming tasks even more arduous.

This is where a garden trolley can come into play, however, as this accessory can be used transport an array of heavy items and equipment in your garden and remains capable of adding considerable value to a host of outdoor projects.

Coopers of Stortford sell a variety of these trolleys, including products that are lightweight, durable and capable of carrying awkward loads of up to 95kg. Some of these trolleys also feature flatbed sections that measure L54cm x W35cmm, creating a large base on which large items can be transported easily.

Made from tubular steels and capable of transforming instantly from a sack barrow into a hand truck, this type of accessory can be used to aid various gardening projects and is a must-have for professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike.

  1. A Telescopic Hedge Shear

On the same site, you’ll also find a SmartFit telescopic hedge shear for use in any domestic garden.

This is another light but incredibly durable tool that’s both robust and efficient, whether you’re looking to maintain your garden hedges or trim those pesky, overgrown trees.

Not only can this tool be used to maintain general garden spaces, but it also boasts a telescopic handle that can be extended to reach even in awkward and hard-to-reach places.

At less than £35 too, this tool makes an affordable addition to your toolbox and certainly helps you to complete a number of commonplace outdoor tasks.

  1. A Long Reach Petro Multi-Tool

Of course, if you’re an avid gardening enthusiast, you’ll be in the market for a range of high-value multi-purpose tools that offer you genuine value for money.

One striking option is to invest in a long reach multi-functional garden tool, which is petrol powered and capable of completing an array of tasks quickly and efficiently. 

This includes trimming hedges, brush cutting and chopping down troublesome tree stumps and branches, with a handy chainsaw accessory capable of powering through even the thickest of materials.

There’s also a long reach extension pole with an impressive reach of up to 3.4 metres, whilst the in-built 52cc petrol engine delivers a hefty 2.2kW of power and will power through even the most challenging of garden chores.

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