Videogames VS Reality

Playstation? Xbox? Nintendo DS? Wii? Chances are you have at least one of these in your household. You’ve either given into one of your child’s subtle request (read: no subtlety) for one, or have one leftover from your own gaming days. Perhaps you’re even still playing them faithfully now. Leaving aside the on-going debate about whether if there is any effect on children’s development, you might not be too keen on having one of these gadgets around simply for the amount of time that it results in your kids sitting on their butt all day. But what if you could transfer the benefits of videogames (and there are some) over into reality instead, without missing out on its fun and vibrancy, and get your kids more active instead?

Videogames VS Reality

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Think about one of the most key genres of videogames: the racing game. Filled with gleaming vehicles roaring along on the wide road, with fantastic accompanying scenery of steep mountains and snowy drifts, it might seem impossibly glamorous and difficult to replicate. But you don’t have to look any further than go-karting, a concept which allows for fun and activeness without sacrificing any of the benefits that can come with its counterpart. Healthy competition can be fostered in real life, rather than through a few numbers on a screen. Skills such as fine motor skills, quick reaction speed, and hand eye-coordination: these are all possible to start getting a handle on with children as young as 4. 4!

go kart party

That is early, no doubt about it. But Go-Kart Party are fully equipped and trained to ensure that children stay safe while having their fun: things like the inflatable track (for no lumps and bumps) and fully trained staff on board at all times make for a golden opportunity to recreate that videogame world in life without worry. Any special occasions are catered for, so any birthday child gets an extra lap of honour and even a mini awards ceremony to cap it all off. Take the pressure off yourself and let a professional company help organise the entertainment portion of your child’s party: all you have to do is pick an indoor or outdoor venue (or host at home if you have enough space!)

It’s a social activity that fosters competition in a healthy way; and who knows, your child might even find a new hobby out of it. Any child of yours idolising Lewis Hamilton can now put down the game controller – a better solution has been found.

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