Using Pop Chef to make fun lunches

We have been trying out Pop Chef from Character to cut food into shapes and make some fun lunches. The set contains 6 different shapes and works with a variety of food from fruit and vegetables, to bread, cheese, sliced meat, and more. You can also use it to shape dough while baking to get cookies in these shapes.


The shapes included are:

  • Heart
  • Star
  • Flower
  • Circle
  • Sun
  • Butterfly

Some of the shapes are larger and some are smaller, which is useful if you have fruit of different sizes.

I found the tool very easy to use, with most foods the cut food will just pop out very easily when you tap the top of the orange pump. If any food gets stuck there is a tool included to help to dislodge it.


Here you can see the tool being used to make shaped bread for some fun sandwiches. The tool cuts very neatly so the shapes all come out very well defined and recognisable.


There are skewers included in the set too, so you can make fruit kebabs, which would look great with a variety of rainbow coloured fruit and would be ideal for a healthy party food.

We used the Pop Chef to make some fun sandwiches for lunch, using:

  • bread
  • cheese
  • peppers
  • banana
  • apple

I was not sure whether the Pop Chef would manage to cut hard fruit like apple but it was fine!

The pieces should be cleaned just with warm soapy water, and this is easy to do as there are not really any nooks and crannies where food will get stuck, to make it hard to clean.

The Pop Chef is a fun tool, easy to use and I’m sure we will make many more fun food displays with it in future.


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