New Untamed Raptor Fingerlings Review

Untamed Raptors are a new Spin-off of the super popular Fingerlings toys from WowWee. There are four new dinosaur varieties available, and our 6 year old, R, could not wait to try one out!

The four varieties available are: Blaze (orange), Stealth (green), Fury (blue) and Razor (purple) and each one is based on a Velociraptor, one of the fiercest and coolest dinosaurs according to my boys! As you can see, we have Blaze.

We have never tried Fingerlings before, so this was our first experience with these kind of toys. The boys had been slightly interested in them, but the new Untamed dinosaur characters really piqued their interest a lot more and had instant appeal.

When first opening the toy, I was really happy to see that the batteries come included so they are ready to go straight out of the box. There is a small instruction leaflet included but it’s very intuitive to simple to use anyway. The Untamed Raptors fit very easily and comfortably onto your finger (child or adult!) and there’s an on / off switch at the back of the raptor’s head.

Once you start petting and touching the raptors head and nose, you soon discover the different sound effects and movements. It’s very interactive and kept R well entertained. He’s been finding it hilarious to ask Blaze simple questions and then get him to move his head like he’s shaking his head for no, so we’ve had lots of laughter while playing with this which is lovely!

There are over 40 different sound effects and reactions with the Untamed Raptors, and moving parts including the head and the jaws. It’s very cool and fits a lot of entertainment value into a small sized toy, so it’s easy to store and would be ideal to travel with too since it’s not bulky.

It’s well made from strong plastic with plenty of detail, and doesn’t feel flimsy. Untamed Raptors are recommended for age 5+ and I would say that is about right.

The new Untamed Raptor Fingerlings are available to buy from toy shops now – including The Entertainer, Argos and Smyths Toys (RRP around 16.99 each)

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