Unique Ideas for Children’s Party Bags

When organising a birthday party for your child, one of the things to consider is what to put into the party bags. Giving a fun party bag is a great way to round off the perfect kids party, giving your guests something to remember the party by and enjoy once they get back home.

The first tip to consider when choosing party bag items is to keep it age appropriate. For toddler parties, its best to avoid some of the sweets and candy that are popular with school aged children in party bags, and once the guests are a little older, they may not appreciate some of the more babyish party bag toys so it’s important to strike that balance. For all ages, it’s always better to go with quality over quantity and avoid those tiny little plastic party bag toys that tend to be destined for landfill straight away…

If you’re looking for some ideas for your child’s birthday party bag fillers, here are a few suggestions:

Something to wear

For my older kids, they’ve often come home from parties with t-shirts in their party bags. This is a great idea as it’s something practical that will get used. If you’re unsure on the sizes for the party guests, I would always veer towards the larger as it’s better for them to be able to grow into it, than it be too small and not be able to wear it at all.

Another cool idea would be to send personalised wrist band bracelets. You could put names, or fun phrases related to your party theme. You can design your very own personalised silicone wristbands online ands have them delivered before putting your party bags together. Kids tend to enjoy wearing this kind of bracelet, whether boys or girls.

Making your own friendship bracelets for party bags is another option, or for the girls putting in a cute pack of inexpensive hair clips – you can easily choose these to match your party theme or colour scheme

Something to eat

Birthday cake in the party bag is a given with most parties. Most kids also always appreciate chocolate treats in their party bags. I prefer to give chocolate rather than hard candy, as it’s not quite so bad for the teeth and also avoids the issue with some jelly sweets not being suitable for vegetarians. However, if you have any guests with dairy allergies who are not able to have chocolate then it’s best to have a few options and add the treats accordingly.

Something to read

At some parties, rather than a party bag with toys each guest has received a book as a party favour. You can buy box sets and then split them to give each guest a book each, or make us of ten books for ten pounds type of deals to achieve this very inexpensively.

Fun books like choose your own adventure, puzzle books or sticker books for younger children are also great options. With a book, you know that this is a party favour that can last for longer and be used over and over again.

Something to make

Small craft sets are also a great idea. Some parents like to give small packets of seeds which can be planted, which is great for spring time parties. You can buy packs with multiple sets of the same small craft, which are perfect for splitting up into party bags or even make your own. The are so many printable craft activities online which could be prepared ahead of time for party bags, or even colouring pages which could be added to the bag.

Something to play with

Rather than small plastic toys, you could consider giving a small tub or play dough, bubbles, crayons, or a die cast car. Multipacks can be bought cheaply and split for many of these items. There are also small wooden toys that you can find for party bags, like kaleidoscopes, small puzzles, or small wooden animals.

I hope these suggestions have given you a few ideas. What else do you like to put into your kids party bags?

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