Unicorns and Dragons Toilet Paper Roll Craft & Storytime

Today we will share a Unicorn and Dragon Story time and Craft, made using toilet paper rolls. 

We all love crafts. They’re a great way to keep the kids entertained and they also help strengthen their creativity and imagination. One of the best things about crafts is that there are so many different ones out there, you’ll never get bored! Here, we will show you how to have your own Unicorn and Dragon story time and craft session with this cute unicorns and dragons made using toilet paper rolls.

It’s easy as pie (or as easy as toilet paper) and any child (or grown-up) can do it! Not only is this project adorable, but it’s also educational. We have included a couple of book recommendations to go alongside the crafting. 

Plus, the materials are completely free making it super budget friendly. Scroll down for instructions on how to make one!

Unicorns and Dragons Storytime and Craft

Super easy Unicorn toilet paper roll and Dragon Toilet paper roll crafts for kids. These are so simple to make, great craft idea for toddlers and there are recommended story books to go alongside to create a craft and story time session

Oh the dragons and unicorn phase! 

How do they even know so much about these creatures anyway? Will this phase ever end? Where do they come up with this stuff?

Your guess is as good as ours! 

A portrait of happy small girl in unicorn mask with guitar at home.

However, we are all about the positive outlook surrounding your little one’s imagination, for it’s actually proven to help their little brains develop needed skills. 

The good thing about this activity is:

  • you can make just one if one mythical creature is preferred better
  • you can save one for another day
  • or with multiple children, they might prefer to make their very own unique creatures.

These unicorn and dragon activities will have your creative child’s imagination growing even more!

Here are two fun books to read with your child, and a craft to go along with each one!

Unicorn Craft and Book

Our recommended Unicorn Themed Book: Unicorn Day by Diana Murray

Unicorn Day Unicorn Book for Kids

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This book is all about a fun unicorn party and all the cool stuff they might do and see! But the best learning skill of this book is about friendship and kindness. This book has a surprising twist that even made my adult self smile. It shows how even though someone might look different, we can always accept them for who they are and be kind to one another.

Unicorn Craft: Make A Majestic Haired Unicorn from Toilet Paper Roll and Coloured Tissue Paper Streamers

Unicorn Craft for Kids

All of these supplies can be found easily around the house, which makes this craft so quick and simple to set up. 

What you will need (Amazon affiliate links provided) 

If you decide to use a styrofoam cup instead, cut the bottom of the cup out so there will be a hole for the unicorn hair.

You can also use the cardboard tubes from kitchen roll or kitchen paper towels. 

Make your craft more colorful by adding stickers, wrapping it in colored construction paper, or even adding some unicorn sparkles!

TIP: While doing any craft, always make it your own!

This makes a great easy craft for toddlers but if your little one likes to put tiny things in their mouth, it’s best to leave out the pom poms and googly eyes and just let them draw the features on themselves!

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Dragons Craft and Book

Our recommended Dragon Themed Book: There’s a Dragon In Your Book by Tom Fletcher

Theres a Dragon in Your Book

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This newly hatched dragon needs your help! Whether it’s putting out fire so your book doesn’t burn or flapping the pages to help her fly…this interactive book will let your little ones imagination roam wild!

Dragon Craft: Make A Fire Breathing Dragon with Toilet Paper Roll and Coloured Tissue Streamers

Dragon toilet paper roll craft


This craft needs all the following items as the Unicorn craft, which makes this craft super easy to save for another day to recreate!

Don’t forget to make it your own, and add any stickers or drawings as well!

If you are using a styrofoam cup, still cut out the bottom of the cup. However, the fire needs to come out of the top of the cup to make it really look like a dragon. 

After you are finished don’t forget to press your mouth to the bottom of the cup and blow the dragon’s fire as hard as you can! This can also work with the Unicorn craft for making her hair blow in the wind!

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Author: Corrie Ramsey

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