The UK Sleeping Habits

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What are your sleeping habits like? I would say I’m with the majority of the nation as I tend to get about 6 hours sleep a night, although sometimes less. This never really seems like enough! And again, like most people, my sleep always tends to be disturbed (sometimes due to the kids!)

MySofaBeds have put together this infographic all about the sleeping habits of the UK. How does your sleep compare with these figures?

The UK Sleeping Habits

Do you agree with many of these? Luckily my husband doesn’t have too many of these annoying habits, and I would sleep well in any bed at all, as long as I get the chance to sleep without children climbing on me in the night!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments 🙂

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  1. Interesting to read of UK sleeping habits. Especially when used to being encouraged to get 8 hours sleep. Yet many people are only getting 6 hours :- Why? Also How does this impact on their quality of life etc.
    Maybe we need to review what helps us sleep, as I have also found with age :- length and quality of sleep varied. I slept well quite consistently when younger.


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