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I’ve always thought that it’s important to give our children the chance to travel, and to learn about the world. This year we have been to France and Dubai, and will be soon going to Spain, but another country that’s definitely high on our “must-visit” list is Turkey. It seems like a really great family friendly holiday option so I hope that we can take the children next year, and meanwhile we decided to find out a little more about Turkey at home and make a fun craft together.

Turkish inspired blue mosque craft for kids. We painted blue domes and decorated using Islamic inspired geometric patterns and shapes. A fun way to learn about the world, and the architecture of Turkey and their history

One of the sights that I’m really keen to see in Turkey is all of the old mosques. I love the architecture and design. Turkey is famous for it’s Blue Mosque in Istanbul, and there are many other beautiful mosques throughout the country too. I came across this gorgeous picture of a blue mosque in Antalya and got the idea of using this as inspiration to make our own blue mosque domes with the kids.

Blue mosque in Antalya Turkey

We used paper bowls as the base for our domes. Normally, we craft a lot with paper plates but paper bowls can make a great craft material too, for a more 3d effect!

using paper bowls to craft with

In addition to this, we needed light blue paint and paint brushes, blue and turquoise sharpies, and paper and glue to decorate, and we also used a small piece of egg carton to make the spike at the top of the dome.

Painting the domes blue was fun and very easy for all of my children, and a simple way to introduce them to looking at Turkish architecture.

painting blue domes to learn about Turkish architecture

Once the domes were dry, the kids took a closer look at some of the photos we found of blue Turkish mosques and tried their best to imitate the style of design, using geometric shapes.

using the ipad to copy design of the blue turkish mosque

They also made banners with the Shahada written on it to decorate the sides of their mosque as we had seen these in the photos too. Z carefully copied it out in Arabic and T sounded it out into English letters and wrote it that way.

child writing shahada in arabic

Drawing the geometric designs can be pretty tricky! But the kids made a good go of it. For younger children or for a different option, you could try cutting out some geometric shapes and sticking them on instead. We also tried this to see the different effect. (You could use the geometric design printables that I shared here in this Ramadan printables post)

blue turkish mosque dome kids craft

The kids had fun making this simple craft and finding out more about the architecture of Turkey, and their old mosques. I know they would love to see them in real life if we do get the chance to visit soon!

Turkish mosque craft

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